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Jogja International Heritage Walk 2016


Event Jogja International Heritage Walk the 8th was held 19 to 20 November 2016. This annual event located in two different places, namely Prambanan and Heritage Village Imogiri. On the first day you will walk around Prambanan enjoy the view and feel the hospitality of the local residents who meet pass on the street. For information, Prambanan is the largest Hindu temple in Southeast Asia with a uniqueness that statues and sculptures. In addition, in 1991 the Prambanan temple has been named as one of the world cultural heritage by UNESCO.

On the second day you will walk around the village of Imogiri. You can find the uniqueness of the population that still maintain traditional culture. Participants can also interact directly with their daily activities such as farming in rice fields or teaching in schools.

Jogja International Heritage is an annual event organized by the International scale Jogja Walking Association fully supports walking activities. Jogja Walking Association will also bring a fresh new look with the motto: "Walk for Green and Community." During the activity participants will be able to enjoy the beauty and exoticism scenery and interact directly with the local population. Through these activities, Jogja Walking Association invites all people around the world to come and take part in walking together at the same time can interact by discussing or sharing about the culture of origin that will provide comfortable and pleasant atmosphere with mainstay motto "Let's Walk Together".