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Bogor Botanical Garden Bicentennial Celebrations 2017


Commemorating their 200th years Anniversary on May 18th 2017, the Bogor Botanical Garden has prepared a series of exciting festivities. The theme for this special year is “Plants and People in Harmony”, a positive spirit to encourage mutual coexistence.

Located an hour’s drive south of the capital city, Jakarta, The Bogor Botanical Garden covers a huge area of over 87 hectares of shady trees, green lawns, flowers and wide avenues for people to admire the 3,504 plant species and over 5,000 tropical trees, many of which are picturesquely old and gnarled. The Ciliwung river rushes through this Garden, providing fertility and coolness.  In front of the Garden is the impressive white Bogor Palace, where President Joko Widodo, recently officially welcomed King Salman of Saudi Arabia.  

Bogor Botanical Garden Bicentennial Celebrations 2017
Photo source : www.holiday-land.blogspot.co.id

The Bogor Botanical Gardens Celebrations will be held from May 18th-21st 2017, with the opening ceremony scheduled to be addressed by Indonesia’s President, Joko Widodo. “The President is expected to also officiate the Bicentenary Epigraph Monument and The Coconut-Palm Germplasma Monument along with the launch of six new books on Botanical subjects”, explained Joko R. Witono, Chairman of the Bogor Botanical Gardens.

A number of pre-events will take place from 13 to 17 May, which are the Botanical Garden Competition joined by participants from across Indonesia and The KRB 200 Tree Bike, to take off on May 14th 2017.

An International Conference on Tropical Plant Conservation and Utilization will be among the highlights on opening day.   “Among speakers will be Indonesia’s Minister of Tourism, Arief Yahya, Minister of Environment and Forestry, Siti Nurbaya Bakar, Minister of Research Technology and Higher Education, Muhammad Nasir, Chairman of Indonesian Institute of Sciences, Iskandar Zulkarnain, and Gus Irawan Pasaribu from the House of Representatives DPR RI Commission VII “, elaborated Arief Muchris, Coordinator of the Bogor Botanical Gardens Bicentennial Anniversary.

Bogor Botanical Garden Bicentennial Celebrations 2017
Photo source : www.picture.triptrus.com

Join the excitement at the Botanical Garden Expo in the Astrid Garden, showcasing latest research results commemorating LIPI’s 50th anniversary. There will also be fun sport events such as the KRB 200K run, held on May 20-21st 2017 running along the shady canopy of the Randu Garden. Musical entertainment is also set to entertain the public in front of the Grand Garden Café. Last but surely not least is the Ecodome! A collaboration project between the Bogor Botanical Gardens and Erasmus Huis, it is in the shape of an environmental friendly urban farming installation set to be exhibited through July 2017. For detailed information of the above events, you can log on to www.krbogor.lipi.go.id and get fresh updates.

Short history of Bogor Botanical Gardens

Initially, the Bogor Gardens were designated to collect valuable plantation seeds ever since the reign of Sri Baduga Maharaja of the Sunda Kingdom, who ruled in the 15th century. In 1744 a mansion with vast garden was constructed by the Dutch East India Company, VOC, when Bogor was named Buitenzorg, Java’s own San Souci. British Governor Sir Stamford Raffles and Lady Raffles were residents of the Buitenzorg Palace between 1811 to 1816, during the British interregnum in the Indonesian islands, and transformed the Gardens into a replica of the famous English Kew Garden.

Bogor Botanical Garden Bicentennial Celebrations 2017
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On May 18th 1817, The Garden was established as 'sLands Plantentuin by instruction of then Governor General Van Der Capellen, and since then, this date was set as the Garden’s anniversary. (For more information on Bogor Botanical gardens, log on to https://www.bgci.org/)  

Today, the Garden comes alive with many activities by local and international visitors. On weekends, you can find Yoga performed by groups amidst its cool air and fresh foliage. Young millennials gather around the Red bridge, one of three iconic bridges, to hunt for great pictures. Pure morning dew drops will be seen shining and as diamonds on large round Lotus leaves, with its lovely pinkish flowers bloom in the scenic pond.

Bogor Botanical Garden Bicentennial Celebrations 2017
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You can choose to stroll around leisurely on foot or ride a bicycle provided at the gates. Check the souvenir shop for a wide choice of unique items. The afternoon is the right time to linger at the Grand Garden Cafe. Enjoy sipping some warm local beverages when the air in Bogor begins to cool down.

So, what are you waiting for? Come and don’t miss the epic Bogor Botanical Garden Bicentennial celebrations!

Photo source of header banner: www.holiday-land.blogspot.co.id

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