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Pujon Kidul is one of the villages of the Pujon District, Malang. This village is located on a beautiful plateau, surrounded by the cool air and breathtaking, well-preserved nature. Because of its strategic place and fertile soil, Pujon Kidul is perfect for developing agricultural and farming business, making it a haven for horticulture entrepreneurs and cattle farms. Besides excelling in agriculture and animal husbandry, you will also be presented with beautiful rural panoramas and excellent courtesy of the villagers.

This village's attractions range from outbound activities, paintball, horse riding, vegetable picking, to cow milking. In addition to all the delightful activities, you can also enjoy a hot cup of java on cafes around Pujon Kidul; combine it with the cool air and you will get an exceptional sensation. Though, undeniably, the primary atmosphere that surrounds this village is truly the limitless view of paddy fields scattered around the mountains.

Speaking of limitless views, you can also gaze at them while sipping hot traditional coffees, which can be found at Pujon Kidul, specifically at the Sawah Desa Cafe, which combines the rural fresh air, an unbelievable natural view, and a pleasure of enjoying authentic coffee. But above it all, Pujon Kidul's main attraction is the heartwarming welcome that you will receive from the locals, as you make your first step into the village.



The route to Pujon Kidul Village is relatively easy; first, you need to get yourself to Malang, which is easily accessible from just about anywhere using any kind of transport. For about a distance of 26 kilometers, you can access the village from Malang in less than an hour through Jalan Raya Ir. Soekarno, taking the Coban Rondo route.

Then, take the Payung area (the one with a continuously winding road) and follow the road until you find a statue of a buffalo. From there, you should go straight for about 50 meters, where you will find Gang Beringin (Beringin Alley). Go into the alley until you find a junction leading to Pujon Kidul and Pujon Lor.



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