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Pulau Tikus

Small Island Great Fun in Bengkulu

Rocky coral reefs circle the entire circumference of the island, protecting it from erosion. Several species of coral make up these formations and even more marine ecosystems are supported within this reef. This small island is habitat to many species of birds, while its sandy, white coastline is nesting ground for two species of sea turtle, the Hawksbill and the Green Turtle. The island is clearly visible from Pantai Panjang (Long Beach), another popular tourist destination, and can be reached via rental boat in approximately 40 minutes.


Get There

Rat Island is located in the Indian Ocean, just 10 km west of Bengkulu. Getting there takes about 1 hour by fishing boat from Tapak Paderi Beach or 40 minutes by speed boat from the Pulau Baai Port.


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Rat Island (Pulau Tikus)

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