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The Picturesque Town of in the Beautiful Karo Highlands

The picturesque town of Berastagi in the beautiful Karo highlands, is 70 km from Medan on the way to Lake Toba. Situated at an altitude of 1,300 meters, the town has a cool climate, ranging between 17-20 degrees Centigrade, making a refreshing break from the heat of the city. Days are extremely pleasant while nights can be quite cool.

The town developed in the 1920’s as Dutch hill station and today has become a popular weekend destination for Medan residents. The landscape here is dominated by distant views of the smoking volcanoes Mt Sinabung and Mt Sibayak. On the western edge of the town, Gunaling Hill rises above the surrounding plateau to provide some spectacular views of these two towering volcanoes. Berastagi is famous for its flowers, vegetables and fruits and its markets constantly hum with activity.


Get Around

Berastagi is a small town with one main street so you can explore it easily on foot or using public transport. Opelet, local public mini van buses, operate to the surrounding villages and are run from the bus terminal. For more flexibility, you can rent a motorbike from Villa Flores Restaurant or other rentals you can find around the town. Try getting around the traditional way by taking a leisurely ride in a horse carriage called a 'sado'.


Get There

From Kualanamu International Airport, you can hail a cab or take a bus to Berastagi. It's located about 66 km from Medan and the journey will take around two hours.


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