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Mount Agung Eruption: Bali Airport Temporarily Closed for 24 hours 


Jakarta, November 27, 2017 --- The eruption of Mount Agung has been elevated to level IV, mandating the temporary closure of the Bali Ngurah Rai International Airport due to high concentration of ash in the air, potentially affecting airplane jet engines.  The airport will be open pending review of the air conditions near the airport and its surrounding area in 24 hours.

Travellers are urged to contact their airline or travel agents to determine their best departure point and schedule. For further services and assistance, airlines command-post are available on the 2nd Floor, International Terminal of the Bali Ngurah Rai International Airport.

All activities on radius 8 KM and sectoral 10 KM around southwest, south, southeast, northeast and north of Mt. Agung is strictly prohibited. The Hazard Zone is dynamic, regularly evaluated, and can change at any time according to the monitoring data result.

Travellers should also avoid impacted areas of the Karangasem Regency such as Br. Belong, Pucang, Pengalusan (Ban); Br. Badeg Kelodan, Badeg Tengah, Badeg Dukuh, Telunbuana, Pura, Lebih and Sogra (Sebudi); Br. Kesimpar, Kidulingkreteg, Putung, Temukus, Besakih and Jugul (Besakih Temple); Br. Bukitpaon and Tanaharon (Buana Giri); Br. Yehkori, Untalan, Galih and Pesagi (Jungutan) villages; and some parts of Dukuh village.

The latest information for the Mount Agung eruption can be found on the official websites of the Ministry of Tourism at www.indonesia.travel/agung and Twitter at @Kemenpar_RI.