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Magnificient East Javali Route
Last modified 1 December 2009
Number of Days:
7 days
26 December 2009 to 1 January 2010
Rp. 800.00
Culture, Mountain, Crater, Beach, New Year


Day 1 to Day 1
First day, we start our journey to Kaliandra, near Pandaan(Malang). It takes two hours by car. Kaliandra, a place where we can see Java Culture, it is reflex on the building architecture. Kaliandra located under Mt. Arjuna. Here, we can interact with local people, how they live, how they do social interact and we can try to observe under Mt. Arjuna tracking area. During our tracking, we feels like home because of local people kindness and their smile. Cost details Surabaya-Kaliandra transportation by rental car(include driver and gasoline) US$47,5 Kaliandra accomodation start from US$27,5 Meals arround US$2,5/meals
Day 1 to Day 2
After check out, we continue our journey to our next beutiful destination, that is famous for Indonesia tourism: Mt. Bromo. Yes, Mt. Bromo is one from many top destination in Indonesia. To describe Mt. Bromo, we just can say
Day 2 to Day 2
Early morning,we catch the sunrise at Penanjakan view point, we go down to Mt. Bromo. We travelled with 4WD jeep. To reach top of Mt Bromo we get through sea sand. Then we climb to the top. Try to count how many steps to conquer Mt. Bromo. Because we having late breakfast, we should back to the hotel at noon to prepare our check-out. then we continue our journey to Ijen Crater for about 4-5 hours. Cost Detail Accomodation US$30/night 4WD Jeep US$35 Meals arround US$2,5/meals
Day 2 to Day 5
After reaching Ijen area, we can rest at the hotel. Next day, early morning we wake up at 5AM. From the hotel to tracking point(Paltuding) its take 45 minutes. To reach Ijen crater from paltuding we need to walk or tracking about 3,5 kilometres. Along the way we met sulphur miner which carry basket filled with 50 until 100 kilograms of sulphur. Here we mazed by persist Ijen nature. After reaching the peak, we can see blue tosca crater, the only one in the world, it is natural. After satisfied with the sceneries, we back to the accomodation. Next, we enjoy the coffe plantation area at the foothill. We can see directly how is coffe bean harvested and roasted. Next day, we continue our journey by bus to Ketapang and cross Bali strait early morning to avoid new year traffic. Cost details Accomodation US$30/night Meals arround US$2,5/meals
Day 5 to Day 6
It takes 8 hour by bus to reach Ubung bus station, Denpasar, Bali. From Ubung we take Taxi to Kuta. We reach Kuta at noon, then we can take a little time to rest for our long journey. At midnite, we can gather with the crowd to celebrate New Year! Feel the atmosphere, is really amazing! Many tourist gather arround at Kuta to celebrate New Year Cost details Bus(Ijen-Denpasar) US$15 Taxi (Ubung-Kuta) US$5 Acomodation US$30/night Meals arround US$2,5/meals
Day 7 to Day 7
After having a great New Year Party at Kuta, on the next day we can enjoy Kuta. The food, bar, resaturant, and many more. Then we get back to surabaya by airplane from denpasar. Cost details Acomodation US$30/night Meals arround US$2,5/meals Taxi (Kuta-Denpasar airport) US$5 Airplane ticket (Denpasar-Surabaya) arround US$50 Airplane ticket

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29 November 2013
i want!!!!
3 September 2013
23 December 2009
i was go to bromo...!! great adventure for my life!! hahay!!
2 December 2009
Must go to these places,awesome!!!


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