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Home » Eat, Pray, Love and Escape in Ubud

Eat, Pray, Love and Escape in Ubud

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  1. Bamboo gate

    An ornament gate made of bamboo, which is commonly found in Bali.
  2. Canang

    Canang (a Balinese offering which is a combination of leaves, flowers and incense), commonly found in front of people's doorsteps.
  3. Smiles in every corner

    A few Balinese wearing traditional garbs which are usually worn during certain festivities or while performing rites.
  4. Smaller smiles aren't less sincere

    The children have their own garbs as well.
  5. Paddy field

    An author once walked around the village and was so captivated by the serene paddy fields, he forgot he was supposed to be an Ubud Writers and Readers Festival keynote speaker.
  6. Things That Make You Go Hmm

    These colorful cloths in Pasar Ubud can be tailored into exotic clothings or apparels.
  7. So Many Souvenirs...

    ...so little time. A single stall in Pasar Ubud will provide you with so many fine choices for mementos or souvenirs.
  8. Spirituality Is Part Of Balinese Culture

    Temples and other places of worship can be found almost in every corner of Ubud.
  9. Baby Guling Ibu Oka

    A popular dining place well-known for its pork roast. "Babi Guling" itself is Indonesian for--surprise, surprise--"Pork Roast".



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