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Superior Room

Hotel Salak Superior Room offers you with exclusive and classy room at affordable price. Location at the 2nd & 3rd floor The above ...

Deluxe Room

A convenient & pleasant room with complete facilities to make you feel more convenient. Location at the 4th & 5th floor The ...

Kampoeng The Old Batavia Tour

NATIONAL MUSEUM : The National Museum, built in 1862, is the best museum in Indonesia and is reputedly one of the finest ...

Komodo Lesser Sunda Islands

The Lesser Sunda Islands, also known as Nusa Tenggara, lie east of Java and include the islands of Komodo, Bali, Lombok, ...

Karang Pandan Beach Holiday

Karang Pandan Beach is a great place for you and your family holiday. The Beach is in Cilacap. We Offer best rates ...