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From taxis to container trucks, Blue Bird Group is one company for all your transportation needs.

For many residents of Indonesias capital and largest city, Blue Bird isnt just another taxi company - it has become a way of life.

If New York is famous for its yellow taxis and London for its black cabs, then Jakarta has Blue Bird to thank for the swarms of blue that cruise about the streets of this busy metropolis day by day.

From a humble beginning of just 25 taxi cabs in 1972, Blue Bird Group has gone through numerous trials and extensions to reach a current fleet of around 19,000.

Serving more than three million passengers per month across the country, Blue Bird Groups line of services encompasses a broad range of spectrum, from taxis targeted specifically at a higher market (Silver Bird) to car rentals (Golden Bird), charter buses (Big Bird) and container trucks (Iron Bird).

Part of our success is owed to our ability to maintain such a high standard of quality and service over the years. Yet it is the strategic placement and easy availability of our vehicles that ultimately earn us the reputation as a most reliable transportation partner.

Today, Blue Bird Group services can be enjoyed in many of Indonesias largest cities including Jakarta, Bali, Bandung, Banten, Lombok, Semarang, Surabaya and Yogyakarta. They are also to be found in the heart of major business and tourist destinations throughout the country.

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First starting out its service in 1972, Blue Bird is the epitome of a reliable transportation partner. Over the years, the Blue ...

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