Gwyneth Paltrow on her incredible Indonesian Komodo holiday: “A dream of mine came true”

Friday, 26 July 2013 | 38139

Gushing over her vacation to the Indonesian Komodo islands last May, Hollywood actress and singer Gwyneth Paltrow of Iron Man 2 fame wrote recently in her blog, Goop : A dream of mine came true when I travelled to Indonesia for the first time.

"Never did I imagine that we would run our hands through the dark ocean at night and watch it light up with phosphorous, see a Komodo dragon in the wild, swim over a massive sea turtle, or be taught to make native dishes in situ. We will never, ever forget this trip," Gwyneth said.

Managing to slip away from the spotlight of the media, Gwyneth Paltrow, who played the role of Pepper Potts in the Iron Man Trilogy, came with her two children Apple and Moses to spend the most memorable time ever around the exotic Komodo Islands.

Through photos on her blog, Gwyneth shared her experience exploring the enchanting waters around Komodo Island at night and the unforgettable encounter with the legendary Komodo dragon at the Komodo National Park. Together with Apple and Moses, Gwyneth indulged herself swimming with giant turtles, playing kayak in the open sea, and learned to cook traditional cuisine over an open fire with the local people.

One photo showed the bedroom on the traditional trading ship, a Bugis Phinisi schooner, which had been converted into a live-aboard. The luxurious and tastefully decorated cabin was actually on an old merchant ship, wrote Gwyneth, which is said to have been cruising the open oceans years before. The interior of the Silolona (the Ship's name) was later transformed into luxurious accommodation complete with various facilities, where Gwyneth and her two children stayed during their 3 days' visit to Komodo island.

In her blog Gwyneth also shared pictures of some of the delicious treats she and her children enjoyed during the trip including Indonesia's distinct tropical fruits, ketupat (rice wrapped in coconut leaves), barbequed fish with delicious sauces, sate ayam (Chicken Skewers), eggs, tofu, and also the peanut sauce. The menu she had was so fresh since seafood and ingredients were bought directly from vendors who came in small boats and docked right to the ship.

Closing her story, Gwyneth said that she felt really blessed to have been given the opportunity to visit Komodo Island and that this had been, indeed, an experience that she would never, ever forget.

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