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Pulau Galang : Menapaki Sejarah Pulau Pengungsi Vietnam

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Nongsa Point Marina 4 star(s)

Nongsa Point Marina, a marina haven close to home.

A yachting gateway to the Riau Islands, Nongsa Point Marina is a premier resort with international marina facilities and residential properties. Built around a natural cove in Batam Island, Indonesia, it is truly a unique waterfront destination offering a haven of peace and pampering to those looking for a privileged lifestyle, with impressive berthing facilities for boat owners.

Nongsa Point Marina is nestled in the Nongsa peninsula, northeast of Batam Island. With its 19 kilometers of coastline, Nongsa offers tranquil, picture-perfect beaches with lush green surroundings.

Alamat : Jalan Hang Lekiu Nongsa Batam, Riau Islands Indonesia
Telepon : +62-778 761333
Fax : +62-778 761330
Website :