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Bandung’s Impressive Museum of Geology

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Indonesia is blessed with bountiful nature, not only above the ground with its amazing mountains and fertile soil, or under the sea with wonderful and colorful underwater life, but also in the earth’s belly with numerous mineral resources such as oil, tin, coal, copper to silver and gold ore and precious stones. 


Punctuated by numerous active volcanoes that form part of thePacific  Ring of Fire, the Indonesian archipelago is home to prehistoric man and many giant and strange animals. The Pithecanthropus erectus, or Java man, lived here thousands of years ago, whose remains were found at Sangiran in Central Java.  Here also lived prehistoric  Homo Floresiensis,  Indonesian small people, or  ‘hobbits” recently discovered  in the caves of Liang Bua, on the island of Flores in East Nusatenggara. Giant prehistoric animals also made these islands their habitat, where the Komodo dragons are the last living evidence of that prehistoric past.  


Samples and Fossil collections of these are well displayed at the Museum of Geology in Bandung. (WA) 


To Do

Getting There and Around

Get There

Located on Jalan Sudirman 57, the Museum is in the heart of the city of Bandung, and is, therefore,  easily accessible.


Entrance to the Museum is FREE. 

The Museum is Open  : Monday - Thursday from 09.0 am to 3.30pm,

and Saturday and Sunday : from 09.0 am to 1.30pm.  The Museum is closed on Fridays.

For more information  do call : +6222 7203205, or +6222 7203208