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Indonesia.travel Highlight: ITB Berlin

Indonesia is Southeast Asia’s first Official Partner Country of ITB Berlin in 2013, World’s largest Travel Expo

posted_on 28 Jan 2013 11:19

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6 - 10 March 2013

INDONESIA, the world’s largest tropical archipelago spread across the equator, is this year’s Official Partner Country of ITB 2013.

Discover Indonesia

From looming volcanoes to green rainforests and savannas, which are the habitat of strange and wonderful wildlife, like orangutans, birds of paradise, and giant prehistoric komodo dragons, to pristine aquamarine seas that are the playground of turtles, manta rays, whalesharks and mola-molas, the islands of Indonesia offer a stunning natural diversity that is second to none.


Nestled between Asia and Australia and between the Indian and the Pacific Oceans, the country’s rich history and pre-history have not only produced magnificent monuments like the Buddhist Borobudur and the Hindu Prambanan temples in Central Java, but have also spawned a stunning diversity of living cultures across this tropical archipelago of over 17,000 islands, from the Minangkabau highlands to Bali, from Borneo to Papua, these age old cultures and traditions have sustained until today, while the people are united in one nation, the Republic of Indonesia.


And indeed, most memorable to visitors are the people of Indonesia, who, though comprising hundreds of different ethnic groups with many different languages traditions, they have one thing in common: that unforgettable warm, smiling and heartfelt hospitality that simply says Welcome to Wonderful Indonesia.