Asian Games in-Frame

Asian Games 2018

Colors of Asia

This is the time to show our true strength, our heart and soul in this phenomenal competition, even the maddening blood, sweat, and tears between it all. This is the time to divide, as well as the time to unify. Time to shout for Asia, and time to shout to power up the heroes and heroines. This is the Asian Games.

Let the world be amazed by the energy of Asia.

Brace yourselves for the Asian Games 2018

The spirit of unity among us. The symbol of our achievements. The Asian Games. Bringing thousands of Asian professional athletes in one athletic excitation, get ready for the sports event of the decade. As a proud host, Wonderful Indonesia encourages you to watch the games live in Jakarta and Palembang, to shout for your country's athletes all the way to gold. All the while, we also give you an opportunity explore more of our backyard and experience true Indonesia, by checking out the Asian Games Travel Packages below.

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