Although Bali is famous for its authentic Hindu philosophies, Blimbingsari Village is one of the few Bali villages whose majority of the residents is Protestant. Despite this matter, the character of Bali does not deteriorate in this village; even the village's churches are adorned with Balinese Hindu style carvings. 

The influence of Balinese Hindus in Blimbingsari are applied to several more activities, including Christmas, naming hierarchy, and religious rituals. One of the most unique activity is the churches’ rituals, where the villagers of Blimbingsari wear ceremonial clothes native to Hindu temples while listening to their sermons, while the priests’ liturgies are accompanied with Bali’s gamelan music. This unique assimilation continues to draw visitors from all around the world that are considerably curious about the village’s culture. 

Founded in 1939 by Balinese Christians who were converted by American missionaries, this village was initially a lush jungle until they cleared them to make houses and a church of 20 acres upon the land. Originally, the church wasn’t made to look like a temple; until an earthquake destroyed the original building in 1971. After that, the church was rebuilt and remodeled to look like a Balinese temple, earning the nickname “Pura Gereja” or The Temple of Church, there are now two churches shaped like a Balinese temple located in this village. These churches is now the center point of Blimbingsari Village, which could be easily mistaken for a Hindu temple if not for the signboard and a few crosses on the roof.



To get to the village, you will need to make your way to Gilimanuk. You can do this by taking a bus or a bemo rickshaw from Ubung terminal in Denpasar, or by a 30-minute ferry ride from Banyuwangi, which runs every 20 minutes, 24 hours a day. Blimbingsari Village is located around 25 km southeast of Gilimanuk on the main coastal road. Although there is no public transport that regularly goes into the village, you can hail a motorcycle-taxi or take your own transport to go there.



With the increasing visits from both local and foreign tourists, the government formed a team dedicated to Blimbingsari tourism. This team has managed to open 85 homestays comprised of the locals’ houses, making it easier to get to know them once you arrange a homestay deal. Otherwise, you can also visit here on a daytrip from Pemuteran, Gilimanuk, or Medewi. 

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