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David Brereton Lee

Travel blogger & salsa dancer for life. Left my job in '07 for a trip around the world. Today, I'm still living the dream! SATW. Official blogger for Colombia.

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Articles posted by David Brereton Lee


Mount Bromo: Visiting an Active Volcano in East Java

10 December 2012

Stumbling out of bed, I skipped the shower, brushed my teeth, and stepped outside into the cool darkness. Craning my head toward the night’s sky, I was greeted with a scattering of white stars. It was a good sign. In a trip filled with early mornings, getting up at 3 AM to watch the sunrise over Mount Bromo in East Java was the earliest. We’d been warned to dress warmly, as temperatures can drop close to freezing, but I didn’t even find a hat or gloves to be necessary. Upon meeting the rest of the group outside the entra

Komodo Dragons in the Wild

10 December 2012

The stories began on Rinca Island. A park ranger ambushed in his office when the door was accidentally left open. An elderly villager attacked. A local child killed. Our guides seemed to take it all in stride, having grown up amongst endangered Komodo monitors, the world’s largest living lizard, all their lives. As a visitor, I was both fascinated, and increasingly worried. The only tool guides carry to fend off aggressive Komodo dragons, as they are more commonly known, is a carved, two-pronged stick. The lack of weapons, even a

Experiencing Bali, Four Years Later

11 December 2012

Dig far enough back through the archives on Go Backpacking, and you’ll find Bali was the first place in Asia I visited on my trip around the world. It was my first time in Asia, too, so the culture shock hit me hard and fast. Walking around Kuta my first day, I quickly learned to stop making eye contact with vendors and touts, and focus on going about my business. My hotel the first few nights had a beautiful swimming pool, complete with Swedish girls. I quickly learned how much those platinum blonde Scandinavians love Bali, and Sout