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Cailin O'Neil

A filmmaker / traveler in Canada & I blog & vlog. I love movies, traveling & hope to see every country in the world!

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Articles posted by Cailin O'Neil


Mt Bromo a must see item when visiting Indonesia

27 November 2012

Waking up for 3:30am for a tour to do a “must see, must do” item in  Indonesia, is sometimes a sacrifice that you need to make. Thankfully I didn’t need to shower before hand I could literally roll out of bed at 3:15am, throw some clothes on and meet the group. Before heading to the small town of Wonotoro, I was told to bring warm clothes and that it would be very chilly there. Men walked around selling toques and mittens, the Indonesians traveling with us were shivering and their hands were cold as ice. However being Ca

A trip to Komodo National Park

30 November 2012

Before my trip to Indonesia I had heard of the famous Komodo Island and the Komodo Dragons that lived there. I didn’t however realize that there was such a thing as Komodo National Park and that it occupied the “Komodo Islands” which consists of 3 big islands and several smaller ones in the area where Komodo dragons live and it is the only area in the world where they live in the wild. The islands are Komodo, Rinca, and Padar and on our two night visit to the area we were able to visit the first two islands. Rinca is where

An Orangutan Experience in Tanjung Putting, Indonesia

11 December 2012

When I received the schedule for my trip to Indonesia one of the first places it said we would visit was Tanjung Putting, which was on the island of Kalimantan. I had never heard of these places before but knew we were going to see wild Orangutans and was excited to visit. Once in Indonesia I heard a couple people say “Borneo”. Previous to this I wasn’t sure where I thought Borneo was and I kind of thought it was its own country and then I found out that Kalimantan was the Indonesian word for Borneo and in fact that is where

Borobudur an amazing experience

12 December 2012

Borobudur Temple We drove through the countryside of Central Java, Indonesia past lusciously green rice and tobacco fields and we ate lunch at one of the fanciest hotels I’ve ever been called “Amanjiwo”. Princess Diana and the likes of David Beckham had all stayed there previously and got to enjoy the fabulous view of the famous Borobudur temple from their suites. Sadly we weren’t spending the night at that hotel however we were going to get to see and climb the famous Borobudur Temple the next day. Said to be the la