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David Brereton Lee

Travel blogger & salsa dancer for life. Left my job in '07 for a trip around the world. Today, I'm still living the dream! SATW. Official blogger for Colombia.

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Articles posted by David Brereton Lee


The Orangutans of Tanjung Puting National Park

4 December 2012

Looking deep into their eyes, knowing you as a homo sapien share 97% of the same genetic code as them, it’s hard not to feel a kinship with orangutans. The endangered orangutans in Borneo first entered my consciousness when I met Gela, my Dutch trekking partner in Nepal. I remember seeing a photo of her sitting next to one of the large, orange-haired primates, and knowing then that I wanted to see them too. Borneo, the commonly known name of the Asian island shared by both Indonesia and Malaysia, has always sounded extraordinarily ex

Observing Orangutan Behavior at Camp Leakey

7 December 2012

Following the epic photo shoot with the delightful Sweet Hope, we devoured a breakfast of toast, fruit, and fried rice aboard the klotoks, and then disembarked. By then, two dozen other tourists had arrived to watch the morning’s orangutan feeding. We walked a few minutes along another raised boardwalk, until we reached the ranger station. Behind one of the buildings, a mother orangutan was hanging from a tree trunk, along with her adorable little baby. The mother was making a distinct noise every thirty seconds, her way of warning u

Watching the Sunrise from Borobudur Temple

7 December 2012

Approaching the stone steps of Borobudur Temple in the pre-dawn hours, the sky slowly began to lighten, revealing a blanket of grey clouds. Getting up at 4 AM was no longer about seeing a multi-colored sky, but experiencing one of Indonesia’s greatest cultural landmarks with as few people as possible. Borobudur Temple is the world’s largest Buddhist monument, its construction dating back to the 8th and 9th centuries (300 years before Cambodia’s Angkor Wat). The stone structure, built atop a hill, measures 123 square meter

A Behind the Scenes Look at Making Gudeg in Yogyakarta

10 December 2012

The heat from the flames was almost unbearable, the lack of air circulation stifling. A surprisingly tall, young, shirtless man in flip-flops entered the room. Male or female, it was hard not to notice his abs, covered in sweat, and seemingly carved from stone. He deposited a shovel full of red-hot coals underneath one of the many large cooking pots, without a word, and left the room again. Walking into the kitchen of Gudeg Yu Djum, a famous restaurant in Yogyakarta, was a walk back in time. Known for producing gudeg, a local delicacy o