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Agata Filiana

I dream. I explore. I wander. Accompanied by great food, drinks and friends. Let's rock!

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Articles posted by Agata Filiana


Food Diary #1 in Yogyakarta - Temptation

20 November 2012

For my 3.5 weeks trip back home, I decided to start a food diary to show you all the hard and heavy temptations I encountered during this trip. So it started today. It was a beautiful and surprisingly cool morning in Yogyakarta. As everyone in the world acknowledge that breakfast is the most important meal of the day, people in Yogyakarta also take that seriously. I decided to treat myself sop ayam (chicken soup) with rice, chili sauce (sambal sop), empal, and crispy chicken from a small food stall just 10 minutes away from my house. It was de

City I Love: Yogyakarta, I'm in Love

20 November 2012

Yogyakarta is a popular destination for both domestic and international tourists. It’s a special region located in the island of Java. The city is full of five stars hotels to comfort your sleep, top notch services to ease your travel, a haven for the shopping fanatics and fancy restaurants to satisfy your tongue. Stop right there. Yes all those mouth-watering offers might let you enjoy Yogyakarta, but the best way to embrace the city is to do what the locals do. So, leave your five stars hotel slippers and abandon the fancy taxi, get o