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Dian Sundari

Your Aura is Orange : You're a bit of a loner, but you're never lonely. You know how to entertain yourself. Whether you're trying an extreme sport or a new weird food, you always live on the edge. The purpose of your life: testing limits - both physical and mental... and then telling people about it. "Perasaannya mudah berubah, penyendiri dan suka traveling. Jujur namun mudah percaya dan mendengarkan orang lain. Sulit menemukan cintanya dan mudah tersesat dalam liku percintaan, bahkan kadang merasa sakit dengan cintanya." When it's hard to find your groove in your day, for whatever you are doing, it feels like everything's wrong. Make this low-level discomfort can motivate you to take care of many little tasks that remain unfinished. Transform your annoyance into action, instead of complaining about all the loose ends.

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