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Primadonna Angela

Primadonna Angela, blogger and published author since 2005, shares her travel stories in with her partner in life, Isman H. Suryaman. She also translates and edits and sometimes dabbles in handicrafts. She loves traveling as it enhances her comprehension in human nature and gives her tons of ideas for her writing. Feel free to email her: petandang at

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Articles posted by Primadonna Angela


Tanjung Puting: Tanjung Harapan

1 August 2012

We were all so excited upon seeing the sign on the river! We are about to enter Tanjung Puting Area! (meaning: no cell phone signal! But it's something that we groaned and moaned later on. Yeah. Technology. Can't live without 'em!) Our first stop: Tanjung Harapan!My first thought upon entering this area: my, my, the soil around this place is sandy and whitish. There are also some plants with medicinal properties planted here. We visited information center and read tidbits about this area. Then we enjoyed a short trek (about 1 kilometer) to the