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Michael Turtle

With everything on his back and all the time in the world... travel writer and beer lover

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Articles posted by Michael Turtle


The magnificent Borobudur Temple

30 November 2012

High on a mountain in central Java, Borobudur Temple rises up towards the sky. In Buddhist belief, the closer you are to Heaven, the closer you are to the gods. And as you climb the steps of the temple, the jungle landscape of Indonesia revealing itself in every direction, you can understand how the people who built this masterpiece felt more connected to the ethereal than the earthly. Borobudur was built in the eighth and ninth centuries but, at some point in history, was abandoned and left to the wilds of nature. For at least five hundred

Cooking up a storm in Yogyakarta

1 December 2012

Who amongst us really like to think about where our food comes from? As long as it appears clean and tasty on our table, that’s all that matters. And sometimes – like in the restaurants of South East Asia – it’s often not worth the mental anguish of wondering what’s going on in the kitchen. It will be delicious – tick. It won’t make you sick – tick. So who cares about anything else, right? Well… in this case, wrong. But only because this is one of the most fascinating and visually-interest

Close encounters with the dragons of Komodo

3 December 2012

Some people will tell you, sincerely, that the movie King Kong was inspired by an expedition to Komodo Island. Others will tell you, with as much conviction, that the island was the basis for Jurassic Park. Neither is necessarily wrong, neither is necessarily right. Regardless, stepping off the boat, walking down the small wooden pier and into the forest feels like a trip back in time – to a land where the lost animals of history rule supreme. The Komodo dragon exists only in this one part of the world – on four small islands in

Mount Bromo and the Sand Sea

3 December 2012

There aren’t many reasons tourists take the road south from Surabaya. But there's certainly a very good one. It's because the city is the staging point for the 120 kilometre journey down East Java to one of Indonesia’s most beautiful natural attractions. I’m talking about Mount Bromo, the active volcano that lies in the middle of a large valley. With its top blown off, it appears more crater than mountain, while putrid sulphurous gas and smoke billow out from within. One of the reasons it has become such a popular site for