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Posted On:
14 December 2012

Posted By
Eunice Khong

Categories :
Adventure - Sightseeing


Up Close with the Dragons

Posted on : 14 December 2012
Categories : Adventure - Sightseeing

Komodo National Park is officially the 'New 7 Wonders of Nature'. The pristine beaches and crystal clear waters teeming with an�abundance of colourful marine life top the list of my favourite snorkeling sites anytime. Not to forget the world's largest lizards roaming on the islands - Komodo Dragons! The near-extinct species can only be found at Komodo National Park that consists of three main islands: Komodo, Rinca and Padar.

Up Close with the Dragons

Up Close with the Dragons

Komodo island

We flew from Bali to Labuan Banjo via Transnusa and stayed at Laprima Hotel for 2 nights. Labuan Banjo is the gateway to Komodo National Park and it takes about 2 hrs boat ride from Labuan Banjo to Komodo island.

Out of 4,600 komodos at the national park, almost half of them resides on Komodo island. The island is a diving and snorkeling paradise - many agree that they have the best snorkeling experience at the Pink Beach. I'm one of them!

Loh Liang is the landing point to start the walking trails on Komodo island to see komodo dragons. Park rangers always carry a Y-shaped wooden stick use to fend off aggressive komodos. A ranger told us that if a komodo chases after you, run in zig zag! Also, komodo senses blood. Girls with menses have to stay close to the rangers!


Komodo National Park is located just below the equator. The tr

Up Close with the Dragons

opical savanna is the last remaining habitats for the wild komodos.

I was quite surprised to see a few deer staying close to the komodos, apparently not afraid of them. Komodo's favourite food is deer.

We were standing under a shelter built on stilts, watching a few komodos moving around us and taking photos of these mean-looking reptiles.

The komodo has venomous bite. The escaped prey, if bitten by a komodo, will slowly die. The komodo can sense the prey and �find it to eat it.

A park ranger was once bitten by a komodo and he had to take antibiotics for two years! If you are bitten by a komodo at the national park, you have to fly to the nearest hospital to get medical treatment and that's in Bali!

Up Close with the Dragons

The guys standing at the edge to take photos, 'risking' komodo bite!

Up Close with the Dragons

The size of a male komodo is larger, with a bigger head and longer tail as compared with a female komodo.

Up Close with the Dragons

Komodo can run as fast as 20km/h.

Up Close with the Dragons

Komodo Ambassador Olga Lydia was filming about komodo.

Suddenly the komodo moved quickly toward the people and they had to run away quickly! I felt a sense of relief I wasn't on the ground, maintaining my 'composure' on the stilt shelter.

A komodo on the beach with a picturesque landscape of the national park.

While posing near the komodo, we should be wary of it 'cos it can move really fast out of a sudden!

Komodo National Park, a World Heritage Site, the wonder of nature.

Rinca island

Rinca Island is one of the 3 main islands at Komodo National Park. It's said that there is 2,300 komodos on Rinca.

On Rinca island, hike along the Loh Buaya walking trails with the ranger to see komodos, water buffaloes, deer and other wildlife.

Foodporn for komodos! These are the skulls of the animals that komodos feed on.

Walking along the trail with the rangers to look for komodos on Rinca.

The komodo resting under the house just ate a buffalo! It would rest there for 1 to 2 mths without the need to eat.

Another komodo spotted under a different house. The ranger told us it is 30 years old, almost fully grown.

Komodo dragon has been an inspiration to epic movies like Godzilla and King Kong! Godzilla was a Komodo dragon infected by nuclear. True?

Hiking on Rinca island is a great way to appreciate the scenic surroundings of the national park.

The glistening turquoise waters of Komodo National Park, one of the best dive sites in the world.

Next I'll update photos of the pristine beaches on Komodo National Park - Kanawa island and the Pink Beach where we have the best snorkeling experience.

For more information on Komodo National Park, visit Indonesia’s�official tourism website:�Indonesia.Travel

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