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Posted On:
11 January 2013

Posted By
Stephen Bugno

Categories :
Culture and Heritage


Kraton's in the details: Sultan's Kraton in Yogyakarta

Posted on : 11 January 2013
Categories : Culture and Heritage

Yogyakarta is considered to be a cultural center ofIndonesia. It is here we visited the Sultan’s Palace, also known as Kraton Ngayogyakarta.

It is the primary royal palace of theYogyakartaSultanate where the sultan and the royal court have their traditional seat.

The complex is the most popular tourist destination in Yogyakarta and consists of a number of buildings such as audience halls, museums, and the residences of the sultan and the queen.

Wandering around Sri Sultan’s Palace with my camera, I chose to focus on the details. I liked the colors, shapes, and the subtleties of the architecture and interior design.

The individuals working around the palace were also happy posing to have their photo taken.

After wandering through most of the of the complex, our group made its way to the batik exhibit. Batik is a traditional fabric created by melting wax and dying different patterns on cloth.

They had examples of some exquisite batik for both men and women and I got a real appreciation for how difficult and time consuming this process is.

Yogyakarta is one of the oldest cities in Indonesia and there many other heritage buildings and monuments to check out. It is located in central Java, near thetemple of Borobudur.


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