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Posted On:
14 August 2012

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Agung Nugroho

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The Spectacular View at The End of The Island of Java.

Posted on : 14 August 2012
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The Beauty of Indonesia Kawah Ijen Not many tourists know about that crater, caused due to lack of information from several books and guides of the travel agent program. To reach the crater is somewhat difficult, even to the point the first ascent of a struggle, especially with the backpacker style and some are trying to use the bike, if you ask me, do not ever try to reach the first point of the climb on a bike, the bike will be damaged as a result. Ijen volcano is located in the district Bondowoso eastern Java, Ijen area surrounded by coffee plantations, between Arabica and Robusta Ijen stand.

Kawah Ijen Excursion

Ijen crater holds 30 million cubic meters of water to the area are 800 X 700 meters, with a crater depth reaches 180 meters. To reach the top of Ijen and see the beauty of the eastern Java, can last through two cities, Bondowoso and Banyuwangi, the first point in the ascent Paltuding, this is the first post for the climbers report to the forest guard Ijen, pay only about 20 thousand to 1 people. Of Paltuding still about 3 km to reach the top of Ijen. Terrain to the summit is not so difficult at first, but when it reaches the top and want to reach the crater lip, this field is quite difficult, even if you do not take care of lives are at stake.

To reach the top of Ijen is very easy if you are patient, disciplined, loyal and understanding, especially when confronted with the sulfur workers. Sulfur Ijen a source of livelihood around Mount Ijen. Sulfur to the urban community to the need of making cosmetic and topical, but not worth the price to the worker at Ijen sulfur. 1 kg of sulfur at 500 rupiah appreciate, to carry sulfur from the crater rim to post Paltuding they carry a load of about 90-120 kg in one time and one-way carry.

In an average day they are only capable of 2 x or 3 x alone, on the way there is an ascent of Ijen sulfur weighing post, here hikers can take a rest while trying to yoke labor sulfur, sulfur workers always stop at the post V, to weigh the inherent sulfur them to the data is recorded and the foreman. can imagine how their efforts are not worth what he gets great power for a man.

Through out my experience of climbing the peak of Ijen, the easiest way in is passed through the village Wonosari Bondowoso, through plantations of sugar cane, rubber and jungle, and then rested in the area of ??arabica coffee plantations, in this region there are two hotels that can simply warm, clean and adequate. Arabica guest house and Catimor, near the guest house there are beautiful waterfalls, his position in the woods, not so far reaching Catimor waterfall.

The best time to Paltuding (post 1 Ascent) is at 5 am local time, be it your hotel in Arabica guest house or in Ijen Resort (Banyuwangi). The trip takes 1 hour from the hotel to the post Paltuding. Paltuding heading toward the top of Ijen road about 3km with an average slope of 30-45 degrees elevation, it is very easy to do if not in a hurry. Almost every 200 meters there is a post rest and post rest is best for post weighing of sulfur which is about 2 km from the post Paltuding. After reaching the post Paltuding road will be more ramps to the top of Ijen, of heading up to the top of Ijen weighing only about 1 km away again. Try to reach the top of Ijen before 10 am.

What Should be Prepared

Take aluminum foil or aluminum are also available in packs of cigarettes, this thing is very useful to protect your teeth or your teeth will be rotten, here's the explanation: baud of smoke inhalation while sulfur will certainly be in the crater rim, aluminum foil was put in your teeth until all closed teeth, then cover with a mask or a cloth that has been given until the water was wet, it feels uncomfortable but the health of teeth and lungs is more important.

Remember bring bottled water, at least 2 liters of water just in case, a chocolate bar as a substitute energy source, candy and snacks, o ... 1 more 2 packs of cigarettes, not that expensive, the cheaper it.

Definitely confused and thought, koq should bring up the cigarettes.? Some climbers there is a need cigarettes as body warmers, but the climb to the crater, cigarette in the need for exchange or replacement value of money, not to pay admission, but the need for workers sulfur, so ... they must want to take a photo or image with them, naaahhh cigarettes were given as gratitude or if there were no cigarettes, chocolate or drinking water that little else they'll be pleased. Not only cigarettes, when it fell from the top of Ijen "do not throw bottles at random". Give the bottle to the sulfur workers, in fact they need a bottle to bring their own drinking water.

O’ya mobile communication problems.! Phone signal is rather difficult, the best place on the cell phone signal near post weighing of sulfur.

How to Get There Kawah Ijen

Through Bondowoso city, commonly called via Wonosari climbers.

Through Banyuwangi town, past the Licin village . 2386 meters above sea level, the height of this mountain.

Use four wheel drive if you reach from banyuwangi.

Drive Up to 10 hours from Surabaya.

2.5 hours from Gilimanuk harbor the bali Port.

8 hours drive from Bromo volcano.

Dangerous and annoyance

Ijen crater sulfur gas type different from other mountains. Very strong sulfur smell in Ijen can even make your nose bleed if inhaled too much, commonly called sulfur workers as "stick sulfur".

Which must be prepared to the crater, of course, good physical health, do not take lightly to climb to the top of Ijen, some of my experiences during mountain climbing all over the island of Java to mount Rinjani Lombok island. Ijen can be spelled a little extreme, especially after the past 10 o'clock in the morning if still at the top of Ijen. Prepare sticks as tools operate during ascent, the stick is very useful when going down into the main crater and could help to smooth the way down. Try carrying a chemical mask or cover your nose, it is very essential goods were brought.

Survival Tips and Trick

However, if the survival situations, wear shirts that can be used instead, with a record of the shirt should be in the flush water first, then use as a cover nose and mouth breathing are also different ways, not through the nose, but through the mouth, and shall t-shirt to remember it should always be wet with water or lungs will be cramped and your voice will be gone for several days. Survival should be done if the fog Ijen cover the entire top and if you are close to the crater lip, fog and wind usually comes just after 10 am, that's why I recommend try to reach the peak before 10 am or you will miss The Spectacular View at The End of The Island of Java.

Agung Nugroho

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