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28 July 2013

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Travelings - Diving and Snorkeling - Spas


One of the most unique island resorts in Indonesia

Posted on : 28 July 2013
Categories : Travelings - Diving and Snorkeling - Spas

Making your way to your holiday destination in a small seaplane is usually seen as an unforgettable experience by many. However, making your way to Indonesia's Moyo Island in a seaplane and finally landing on the crystal clear ocean water surrounding it is an entirely different experience altogether.

Less than a mile off the Sumbawa coast sits a 220 square mile tropical island paradise which consists of a tropical jungle, colorful coral reefs, majestic waterfalls and of course, the private beach resort known as Amanwana.

This breathtaking resort can be found on the western tip of Moyo Island inside of a hidden cove that overlooks the protected marine park known as Amanwana Bay. With approximately 20 large and luxurious tents dotted from the edge of the jungle to the beach, your stay here is guaranteed to be relaxing, memorable and most importantly, private. The resort staff are just as incredible and you can expect them to be ready to serve you the same white wine they saw you enjoying the previous evening. Leave your room for a couple of minutes and it will look the same way it did when you first arrived when you get back. The local chefs are experts in seafood cuisine and will serve you 3 meals a day. And for that extra personal touch, each of the Amanwana staff members knows each guest by name.

The Amanwana resort is unlike any other place in Indonesia. The tents are enormous and each one has its own dressing, living and sleeping areas. They even come with much needed air conditioning. Guests can also make use of the resort spa from where they can enjoy breathtaking views of the Amanwana Bay and of the Flores Sea.

The entire Moyo Island is a protected nature reserve and you will see curious monkeys and a wide variety of bird species as you take walks through the jungle. Snorkeling and scuba diving is also a very popular activity here as the ocean that surrounds the island is crystal clear and warm. Not to mention the beautiful coral reefs filled with colorful fish species. During the evenings you can sit on the beach and watch the starry night sky and sometimes you will even spot some of the local deer species.

The resort even has their very own fishing vessels which guests can charter. Choose from activities such as deep sea fishing or perhaps a romantic sunset cruise. The biggest vessel can be used to visit the Komodo Islands. This makes for a great day outing where you can spot Komodo dragons and rinca.

A holiday at the Amanwana resort, no matter how short, is guaranteed to be unforgettable and unlike anything you have ever experienced before. Visit the official Amanwan resort website for contact information.

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