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Panorama Tours

(62-21) 2556 55



Panorama Building, Jl. Tomang Raya No. 63, Jakarta 11440, Indonesia

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To Become the regional travel and leisure management company that deliver refreshing travel experience,
where people are inspired to balance up their rush living and routine business world life


+62 21 830 124244



Jl. Dr. Sahardjo 181 Jakarta Selatan

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Marintur is recognized as being one of the pioneers in the field and amongst the most established organizations in the tourism industry in the country. Offering first quality and most trustworthy services by the best dedicated team of professionals. Managed by a prudent management and operating hand in hand with a worldwide network of supporting pasrtners around the globe, the company is driven by strong commitment to promote investments in related tourism business.

Pacto Tours and Travel

(62-21) 719 655



Jalan Taman Kemang Raya no. 27 Jakarta 12730

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Pacto Destination Management Company (DMC) specializes in the full range of inbound customer services. We feature a nationwide network providing the definite experience for discovering Indonesia’s fascinating diversity of cultures and landscapes. Our company presence in key tourist destinations throughout Indonesia, - in Medan, Jakarta, Bandung, Yogyakarta, Surabaya, Makassar, and Bali - allows us to not only access additional support services on demand, but more importantly, to guarantee standardized services throughout the country.

Pacto Travel Management Service (TMS) areas of expertise range from family vacations to romantic escapes, travel tips to international & domestic ticketing, worldwide hotel reservations to travel document arrangement, classic itineraries to tailor-made travel packages, both for individuals and groups. Additionally, we are committed to providing superior airport assistance.

We have built our reputation on quality service and deep knowledge of travel destinations that is unmatched in the Indonesian tourism industry today. Our long-standing experience enables us to create products and services that meet our customer’s demands and desires. 

Smailing Tour

(62-21) 3508080



Smailing Tour Building Jalan Majaphit No. 28, Jakarta Pusat 10160

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The leading travel Management expert in Indonesia offering 24 hours service, business process consulting, and also travel policy analysis and control. We provide great supplier advice and consulting and travel tracking 24x7 service, modern yet strategic 10 branches spread in Jakarta Central CDB and 8 in-plants offices.

Equipped with integrated International and domestic flight reservation system and quick delivery system, worldwide and domestic reservation system. We cater both first class and budget travelers including inbound, outbound, domestic, incentive, fast travel document services, first class transportation services, outstanding airport handling services, online administration system, professional service team, integrated MIS and emergency assistant. 

Indonesia Trekking

+6221 5991904



Kota Tiga Raksa Blok AI.36/12 Tangerang, 15760 INDONESIA

Adventure Indonesia



Jl. Trikora No.2, PO Box. 152 Wamena 99511 - Irian Jaya Papua

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You can join us for the adventure of a lifetime in our country of Indonesia. Since 1996, we have shared our travel experiences as the trusted local Indonesian operator of many large overseas travel agencies. We journey throughout our islands: Sumatra, Java, Borneo, Sulawesi, Lesser Sunda, Bali, Papua Island (formerly called Irian) and many more. Our trips unveil the magical natural history, wildlife and culture of our ancient land.

We are great travelers ourselves, adventuring most of our lives. In 1997, our owner Monty Sorongan organized the Two Big ARMY-Special Force (Kopassus) Expeditions to Climb Mt. Everest from Nepal and Tibet side.These expeditions placed the first Indonesian National Team on the summit of Mt. Everest.President of Republic Indonesia gave him a medal for his achievement . Also the Government of Nepal appointed Adventure Indonesia as Official Tourism Representative in Indonesia.

We know our country intimately. When you embark on your adventure with us, we provide a higher, more informed level of service. We answer your questions with first hand knowledge, from our heart. Your comfort and safety are paramount - and THANKS GOD, we have a zero accident reputation.

(The Association of Indonesian Tour & Travel Agency). ASITA is the only and the official association of travel agents and tour operators in Indonesia.

Korindo Network Lintas Raya Tours and Travel

+62 370 647327



Jalan Intan III Blok D No:14 BTN Bumi Selaparang Asri Belencong, Gunung Sari, Lombok Barat, West Nusa Tenggara - Indonesia.

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knowing more insight of our aiming in Eco Tourism

KORINDO-NETWORK is our home where we can focus our attention on our positive thoughts and our actions towards what we have been doing for many years in the tourism industry, more specifically eco tourism.

Since 1993 we decided that the Komodo Dragon (monitor lizard) in Flores (East Nusa Tenggara ) , Rinjani Mountain on Lombok island ( West Nusa Tenggara) , and Orangutan Borneo in Kumai ( Central Borneo/Kalimantan) , is our tourism network and is called Ecological Adventure Journeys also known as eco tourism.

we named it The Ecological Adventure Journeys because the network between our life, human, animals, plants and environment one of each others all is linked together.So, Korindo-Network Groups now on focus for eco tourism only in three provinces in indonesia. It represents some of the best attractions in eco tours.

1.Komodo Island tours, which is the original home to the incredible Komodo dragon (also known as the monitor lizard )

2.Rinjani Mountain trekking, is a huge volcano with a magnificent lake measuring 8 km x 6 km inside the crater. anD

3.Orangutan tours, these remarkable primates live in their natural rainforest habitat in Tanjung Puting National Park on The centre of Kalimantan.

KORINDO-NETWORK is under capable Guidance Prince of Kumai, Kalimantan.
Who has had many years’ experience in the Tourism Industry and has visited many Tourism destinations in Indonesia, Southeast Asia and also in Europe.
Our motto :
Experience is the Best Teacher!

KORINDO-NETWORK opens up Ecological and Adventure trips to all types of people. The Scientist, Naturalist, Photographer, Adventurer, Student, Boy Scout, or even families and others who care, know, and are curious to know more about the environment.

KORINDO-NETWORK will lead you through the rain forest to visit the an endangered species, the Orangutan - one of humankinds living relatives in the animal kingdom in Tanjung Puting National Park, the rehabilitation's centre for Orangutan. Nowhere else on earth can you see and observe so many Orangutan (Pongo pygmaeus) living free in their natural home. Rinjani mountain on Lombok island and Komodo Dragon on Komodo island. Our guide team, who have been experienced in rainforest for years involved directly with ecology tourism to conserve nature will give you answers to anything you want to know about The rain forest, Orangutan, Proboscis monkey, Birds, and other animals including the local people of Borneo "Dayak Tribes" as well as the local people of lombok island "Sasak Tribes" in West Nusa Tenggara.

KORINDO-NETWORK invites you to the heart of rain forest to feel the spirit of ecological adventure. We are young Biologist, Naturalist and expert in jungle survival, tropical mountain rescue and travel business, operated company, offering ECOLOGICAL and ADVENTURE JOURNEYS in the INDONESIAN TROPICAL RAIN FOREST.

Indonesia Archipelago

+62 (0)818 057



Jl. Barakuda No 09 BTN Griya Batu Bolong Senggigi West Lombok – NTB INDONESIA

Indonesia Trekking

+6221 5991904



Kota Tiga Raksa Blok AI.36/12 Tangerang, 15760 INDONESIA

Jan's Tours & Travel

+62 361 234930



Jl. Nusa Indah 11 P.O. Box 3026 Denpasar Bali-Indonesia

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jan's tours places a strong emphasis on introducing clients and guests to Indonesia's secret places, their unique scenery, wildlife, culture and lifestyle.
Enquiries and reservations will be promptly replied to by electronic mail. To cater for urgent inquiries from all time zones our Managing Director,  Assistant Managing Director, Marketing and Operational staff maintain after-hours contact.