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Oichoda Nias Surf Camp

(62)81263 76 5554|62)81263765554



Sorake Beach – Botohilitano,Teluk Dalam South NIAS NIAS Island – North Sumatera 22565

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At Oichoda losmen and Surf Camp available also NIAS ADVENTURAL pakages program for more details contact us.

SURF NIAS Stay at our place...

The wave has two or three barreling sections, and works with every size of swell up to triple-to-four times overhead. The wind is offshore 90 percent of the time, and it is possible to surf unreal glassy conditions in the morning and in the late afternoon.

Surfing in NIAS is perfect to learn how to get barreled or to practice your tube-ride technique, and to surf absolutely flawless conditions until you drop. You will be able to score in Sorake some of the best waves of your life, and some great tube rides.

The Essential

(+62) 852-601-9888-7|(+62) 852-771-6539-3



Jl. Patimura Gang Sempit No. 3 Kelurahan Sukaramai Kec. Baiturahman, Banda Aceh 23243 Indonesia

Miguel's Diving Gorontalo

+62 852 4004 7027



Office at Gorontalo Oasis Hotel: Jl. Agus Salim No 29

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Even well-traveled divers love diving the walls of Gorontalo for their amazing and diverse sponges. Divers are sure to marvel at the tangled tapestry of hanging blue rope sponges at several sites. Near the bottom of the first wall, vase, barrel and trumpet sponges easily outsize the diver. But the clear favorite is what we at Miguel's Diving call the Salvador Dali sponge (Petrosia lignosa) for its surrealistically carved surface. Although this sponge is only known from vertical walls in Indonesia, including those in North Sulawesi, the intricately swirled surface is only found in Gorontalo, where it is quite common and grows to incredible size. That means that divers wanting to see its weird beauty first hand should come to Gorontalo and dive with Miguel's.

Dive sites pioneered by Miguel's Diving in Gorontalo offer muck diving, wall diving, wreck diving, and multiple pinnacle diving. Numerous caverns and towering overhangs give divers an eerie but safe alternative. Dive sites often used during the 2009-2010 season are listed below. We have been too busy diving to add all of these to the web site.

Operation Wallacea




Hoga Island, Wakatobi, South East Sulawesi, Indonesia

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Operation Wallacea established its first research programme in Indonesia, with sites in the Wallacea region. This area is in the centre of the Indonesian archipelago, where deep ocean trenches separate the islands to the east and west. These trenches prevented the islands from being joined to the main continental landmasses during the lowered sea levels of the ice ages. As a result of the long period of isolation a large number of unique species have evolved, leading to this region containing some of the most endemic-rich forests in the world. These forests are also some of the least studied regions, and are likely to become some of the most threatened. Therefore it is important to study these areas in order to understand the forests and implement conservation strategies. The Operation Wallacea forest site is based in the Lambasango Forest Reserve on Buton Island. The marine research centre that Opwall has established in the Wakatobi Marine National Park is based in a region that contains very high levels of diversity of coral genera, the proxy commonly used to assess overall diversity of coral reefs.  The research centre is contributing to international coral research.

As part of the drive by Operation Wallacea to maximise income generated from the projects for local communities, the different parts of the projects are now managed by wholly Indonesian owned NGOs or organisations with strong involvement from local communities.

Lumba Lumba Diving Centre

+62 652 332 4133|+62 811682787



Gapang Beach Pulau Weh Aceh Sumatra Indonesia

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Homebase in paradise: We are a professional Dutch-Indonesian dive operation in a great dive shop. Open since 1998, Lumba Lumba Diving Centre has become a meeting point on Gapang Beach, a hub of activity from where the diving starts, a friendly n welcoming place where you can feel at home.

Kampung Expeditions



Jl. Palapa VI, No. 129 Makassar, Sulawesi Selatan Indonesia 90240

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Kampung Expeditions makes independent travel easy. We can help you discover the Indonesia beyond Bali by taking you off the tourist trail and into a world of cultural and natural adventures.

Our tours focus on the islands of Sulawesi, Flores and Komodo, exotic destinations that are summed up by one word – unique. With Kampung Expeditions you can experience amazing wildlife, stunning beaches, fascinating cultures and fantastic food.

Our expert guides lead small groups in sharing intense experiences like:

    * Drifting over rainbow coral in Manado
    * Celebrating ancient rituals in Toraja
    * Meeting komodo dragons in their natural habitat
    * Enjoying dishes unique to the "Gateway to Spice Islands"

The souvenirs you take home from your Kampung Expeditions tour will fill your imagination, your heart and your soul – as well as your hand luggage!

Lestari Tour

+62 361 759432|+62 361 740522



Jl. By Pass Ngurah Rai Pertokoan Tuban Plaza No. 21 Kuta-80361, Bali-Indonesia

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Lestari Tour is a licensed and one of the most experienced inbound travel companies started since 2004, we are dedicated to provide high quality destination management services. We are constantly striving to improve our operations and create flexible and exciting tailor-made programmed for the visitor to Bali. In our daily operations, Lestari Tour is distinctive for its team work, based on the contributions of each individual member of the company who is handpicked for his or her experience in the field of tourism. We are structured to provide maximum flexibilty for servicing different needs and have many years experience in incentives, special interest groups and FITs and are fully equipped to handle all types of client equires. We have direct access to a large number of duluxe air-conditioned vehicles which take care of all land movements for the company.

Indo' Sella' Expeditions

+62 423 25210



Jl. A. Mappanyuki No. 113 Rantepao (Restaurant RIMAN) Tana Toraja 91831 SULAWESI INDONESIA

Panca Sari Tours




Jl. Cokroaminoto No 145 Denpasar - Bali - Indonesia Denpasar Bali - Indonesia Indonesia

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Bali Tour Service is the tour arrangements are provided by  Panca Sari Tours as an established Travel Agent which is cooperated in Bali - Indonesia. It is organized by experience persons in Tourism Industry. Our intimate knowledge of Bali blends with decades of experience within the industry allow us to offer high quality products with excellent service such as: Bali Tours, Bali Sight Seeing Tour, Bali Adventure tours, Bali Culture Tours, Bali Cruise, Bali Golf, Bali Hotel & Villas  voucher and Bali Package tour.

Immanuel Dive Center




Jl.Arie Lasut Kombos Permai G/18 Wonasa-MANADO 95233 INDONESIA

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Our dive center is located inside of Daniel’s resort area. With many years of experience we put safety as our priority, so all our diving equipment is regularly check and well maintained for the comfort and safety of our guests. We had been handles many guests from around the worlds, so our dive master is able to make your diving experience unforgettable. And we also have Japanese speaking Dive guide for our Japanese guests who are not able to speak English. As first rule is safety we do diving with small group max of 5 persons with 2 dive guides come along. Each dive we changes the diving spot depends also on the weather condition, so each time you go underwater you will find and see the unique part of each spot. We also can arrange to do dive outside of Bunaken National park, like in Manadotua Island, Siladen, Mantehage, or Lembe.