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Papua Diving Sorido Bay Resort and Kri Eco Resort

+62 411 401 660


Jalan Gunung Semeru No 16, Kampung Baru 98413 Soro

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Our company Papua Diving  has experience diving and pioneering the area since 1990. With 16 years of diving experience in the Raja Ampat we know the area as no other. Some of our guides have close to 9.000 dives and it will be clear that the diving we offer reflects this. We can share more locations than you can dive in many weeks and our guides can find almost anything! Because of this we have a very high number of returning guests. Our company was the first to explore the islands on scuba and a lot of our knowledge we gained by working with the local Papuan people. All of our diving staff are born and raised in the area.

New discoveries are still made here almost daily. The area never ceases to amaze us, even after all the years we have been exploring!!! Scroll to our recent discoveries section above to find out what are our latest finds!

Papua Diving Kri Island Eco Resort

+62 411 401660



Jl. Gunung Gamalama 3 98413 Sorong

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Papua Diving (former Irian Diving) is an eco-tourism SCUBA diving operation located near Sorong, Indonesia, on the far western end of the island of New Guinea. Papua Diving offers SCUBA dive trips based from two eco-resorts in the Raja Ampat Islands located in the midst of a gigantic pristine reef system.
The Raja Ampat has only recently been discovered by scientist to house world’s richest reefs systems. The group of islands is situated on the equator, is part of Papua and counts more than 600 islands. Till this very day the area is virtually unexplored and unknown due to its size, what we do know is that it has revealed to harbor an amazing diversity of breathtaking underwater life.
Our company Papua Diving has experience diving and pioneering the area since 1990. Papua Diving is a Dutch owned and managed company, while almost all the rest of the staff are indigenous Papuan people. We have already been operating our “Kri Eco Resort” since 1994, while a more luxurious resort "Sorido Bay Resort" just opened its doors in November 2004. The resort allows our guests to experience Western style comforts in a traditional Papuan setting. Located on a beautiful deep lagoon and white sand beach on Kri Island, the dive resort is central to the most spectacular dive sites in the Raja Ampat.
Manta Rays are present almost permanently at three locations close to our resort and our guests thoroughly enjoy seeing them from up close. Often they are at touching distance and it is normal to see 10 to 15 Manta Rays during one dive. We have many dive locations where we find the Manta Rays, amongst them our house reef Cape Kri.  Furthermore we have a great number of breathtaking reefs that are truly teeming with life, many of our guests tell us that they have never seen such an abundance of fish on a reef before. Some of the specialties we can offer our guests are different types of Pygmy Seahorses and diving with Manta rays.  We can show our guests three different types of Pygmy Seahorse.
The diving in Papua compares favorably to PNG diving, Wakatobi diving, Komodo diving, Alor diving, North Sulawesi diving, Manado diving, Bali diving and other popular dive destinations and dive resorts. Those who have dived Wakatobi Dive Resort, PNG, the Solomon Islands, Truk Lagoon and other dive sites known for outstanding SCUBA diving will be enthralled with the quantity and quality of fish, corals and creatures in Papua's Raja Ampat Islands. Recent scientific surveys bear our claims! Papua is one of the wildest and least explored dive areas in the world.
Dive Papua and you will find that the Papua diving is far superior to the diving in Wakatobi, Bali, Komodo, Kalimantan, Manado, and other areas of Sulawesi. The accommodations are situated in the midst of a vast reef system, so diving by live aboard dive boat is not essential to get 4 great dives per day, in fact, you will get more dives per day with Papua Diving than aboard Pindito or Sea Trek, live aboard operators that occasionally dive through the area. Read our site to see what Gerry Allen has to say about us. Papua has huge schools of fish, tiny seahorses, really pristine corals and islands.

Bastianos Resort & Diving Center

+62 431 853566 | +62 431 864025



Jl. Cokroaminoto No.19 Manado 95122

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Diving Bunaken means diving North Sulawesi, one of the most pristine nature areas in the world. Relax and unwind on our tropical island beach while you enjoy a refreshing drink and soak up an amazing orange sunset, or experience the fine seafood cuisine an friendly nature of the Bunaken Island villagers.

Every Bunaken dive is a great experience. For sheer exhilaration, join us for some blue-water drift dives down with the really BIG critters, as you drift effortlessly along the world-renowned vertical walls of the Bunaken Island and Manado Tua Marine Park. A time you will never forget, diving in North Sulawesi, Indonesia.

Swim with dolphins, sharks, giant turtles and other colorful coral-reef fishes as our Bunaken diving team guides you over vivid, unspoiled coral gardens, all less than a five-minute boat ride from the resort. It's all about discovering an underwater-paradise at the Bastianos Diving Resort. We're on the west coast of Bunaken Island, a short trip from Manado in North Sulawesi.

Our Beachfront rooms are only a few meters from the ocean and on the longest and finest light sand beach on Bunaken Island. Right out front of our resort is safe for swimming and if you like to do some Snorkeling, the coral reef drop-off is only about 40 meters from the front of Bastianos.

Our side of Bunaken Island is the only side where you can watch Sunsets from your room verandah or from a beach bar. Lush natural surroundings, fresh hygienically prepared meals, a range of icy cold beers and soft drinks at reasonable prices. Another special thing about this side of the island is that when you look out into the ocean, you’ll see the open ocean.

Blue Banter Dive Center

+62 431 863 302



Jalan Piere Tendean 95111 Manado

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In operation since June 1996, at Blue Banter we are pleased to offer personalized, quality service in a friendly and relaxed atmosphere, keeping in line with the standard of resort service.

Blue Banter Dive Center offers a wide range of dive activities for certified divers and first timers to complete your reef adventure. Our PADI Dive Master will assist you with a commitment to the highest standards of safety. For those who wish to experience the beauty of Bunaken's spectacular coral walls without getting wet, we offer semi-submersible excursions on our Subsee. Our luxury catamaran and high-speed boats will take you to the breath-taking marine beauty of the Bunaken Marine Park, in the optimum of comfort which can carry up to 200 guests.

Blue Banter Tours serves different routes and lengths of duration, and will take the utmost care of your trip and make your holiday as enjoyable and memorable as possible.

Bunaken Divers (Sea Breeze Resort)

+62 431 859379



Jl. Pierre Tendean No. 89 95015 Manado

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All of our boats have O2, full safety equipment and sail to over 25 dive sites.
There is plenty to delight the eye here and you may spot several different types of nudibranchs as well as plenty of bright butterfly fish, including the ever-present crowds of pyramid butterfly fish and the odd green turtle meandering by.


0361 7420995



Jalan Benesari 40, Legian, Kuta Bali, Indonesia

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BLUE DRAGON LIVEABOARD traditional style schooners. Our affordable and comfortable boats are ready to fulfill your diving and snorkeling needs in Komodo National Park and surroundings. Blue Dragon 1 focused on diving activities. By joining our 5 Days Diving Trip, you are able to explore and enjoy the best sites of the park which are well-known worldwide. Blue Dragon 2 is designed mainly for snorkeling and leisure activities. Our 3 Days Leisure Trip is focused on providing trekking in Loh Liang, Rinca Island, trekking in Loh Buaya, Komodo Island and snorkeling at the famous Pink Beach.

Cha Cha Dive Lodge

+62 81 24304012



PO BOX 1316 95000 Manado

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Situated on the quite eastern part of Bunaken Island is the small, intimate and secluded Bunaken Cha Cha Nature Resort, accommodating a maximum of 20 guests in 10 twin or double bed en-suite cottages with large balconies overlooking the beautiful island of Siladen, the outer islands in the distance and the volcanoes of the mainland.
All cottages are constructed of local timber in traditional style, with private bathroom, verandah, mosquito net and ceiling fan - though breezy and comfortable on this part of the island, we have added A/C to all our Superior Cottages for guests that feel the tropics may be a little too hot.
The large balcony of the Restaurant, Bar and Reception area(24 hours) overlooks our private beach and house reef. From here you can marvel at the rising sun, full moon or just gaze empty minded into the star-studded night.
Our "Kitchen" provides a unique opportunity to taste the wonders of Indonesian, Chinese, Japanese and occasionally Western dishes, whether you like spicy food (our home-made Dabu Dabu is famous), are a vegetarian or just like a food adventure, our "Kitchen" will not fail you.
Cha Cha offers its guests a variety of activities from Scuba Diving through our PADI affiliated Diving Center, Diving Courses, guided snorkeling trips, guided treks around the island, massage service and of course.... tranquility..
Remote, unspoiled, Bunaken Cha Cha Nature Resort with its stunningly romantic settings, private beach and extraordinary house reef makes an excellent choice for couples, groups of friends, families, divers and non-divers alike.

Dive Center Thalassa

+62 431 850 230



P.O. Box 1682 Manado 95016 Sulawesi Utara – INDONESIA

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The Dive Center is located on the premises of 4* Seaside Resort Santika, 15 kilometers north of Manado, the capital of
North Sulawesi.

The resort and dive center can be found on the mainland, amongst waving palm trees and lush mangrove forests, in the middle of the famous National Park of Bunaken which is one of the most diverse areas in the world in terms of underwater life.

Once you are here, you will feel our personalized and specialized service. You just drop off your dive equipment and we will do the rest. Our friendly, cheerful, and always helpful staff will, as a team, boost up your diving holiday in North Sulawesi to unforgettably wonderful; whether diving in Bunaken and Lembeh Strait or just making a short trip to the Bangka Archipelago, with our experienced and specialized hawked-eyed dive guides. Our well-maintained equipment and made-to-measure boats will ensure comfort and safety. Your diving day will be one full of surprises and encounters with special marine creatures.

Last but not least, with our slogan "Come as a guest, leave as a friend" we are committed to make your diving holiday in North Sulawesi an experience of a lifetime

Sulawesi Dive Quest

Manado - North Sulawesi, Dive the Lembeh strait !
Lembeh Straits is the muck capital of the world, with plenty of "weirdos" to be captured on cameras, film or digital! SDQ Lembeh Dive Resort, the sister resort of SDQ Bunaken Resort", is located right on Lembeh Island, on the ONE and ONLY white sandy long beach. Our traditional Minahasa bungalows have their own balconies with sea views, western bathroom, fan and running water!
Underwater Photographers are Welcome in Lembeh Strait !
Lembeh Straits is a 12 km long stretch of water separating Lembeh Island and the mainland. This region is not known for its massive schools of pelagic fishes or congregations of sharks. Instead, Lembeh Straits has become known as a "Macro-Mecca." This is because of the incredible number of unusual marine animals that are regularly encountered in this area - Cuttle fish, Mandarin fish, Squid, Octopus, Ghostpipefish, Hairy Frogfish, Pygmy Seahorse, Crabs, Shrimp, Nudibranch, Scorpion fish, and many more rare and unusual animals.
Indonesia’s Lembeh Straits continues to be the hotspot for small and unusual marine life. Over the years, Lembeh Strait has shot up to fame as a muck diving Mecca in the region, and in the world, thanks to an endless array of unique critters constantly being discovered. Despite a topography that rarely varies - black sand, few strands of coral - on 90 percent of the sites, every dive is one of a kind because each site features some of the coolest critters on the planet. Here is a Lasy Scorpion fish - RHINOPIAS captured last July 2006 by Kelly Chua from Singapore.
With a prevalent northernly wind, you are encouraged to bring your own hammock. SDQ Lembeh is a small resort, and we will keep it small :) always. We have only 5 traditional Minahasa bungalows. In each bungalow is a twin or double bed. . In 5 bungalows, we can put max 10 guests / divers only. So if you want to book your stay on Lembeh island with us, you are recommended to book at least one month before your arrival. So, why wait?? Go plan your dive trip with us NOW!

Two Fish Divers

+62 811 43 2805



Jl Sam Ratulangi XIX 12A 95113 Manado

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Relax and Dive Manado, Bunaken and Lembeh
Two Fish Divers is a small and friendly PADI 5 Star Instructor Development Dive operation with two dive resorts that offer some of the best diving in Indonesia:

Bunaken Island, Manado - right in the heart of the award-winning Bunaken Marine Park, the diving offers beautiful corals, lots of fish, amazing small critters, and some larger exciting creatures including reef sharks, turtles and barracudas.

Lembeh Straits - hunting for amazing critters in Lembeh Straits, the muck diving capital of the world. From Lembeh we can also offer great day-trips to nearby Bangka Island or Gangga Island (about an hour away) where there are some stunning soft-coral dives.

Each small and cosy resort is characterised by:

    * Beach-side accommodation - wooden cottages or rooms that are clean and comfortable, with cooling fan and western-style toilets. Facilities include 24 hour electricity, computers for viewing pictures and burning cd's, large balconies with hammocks for relaxing, internet service and a book swap facility. NEW – hot water showers now available in our resort in Lembeh.
    * Personal & friendly - our resorts are small, flexible and personal with really friendly staff.
    * European management - Two Fish Bunaken is managed by Tina and Nigel, and Two Fish Lembeh is managed by Helen and Gizmo. They have all been diving for many years, and they run each resort as they would like it if they went on a dive holiday.
    * No crowds - as a small operator, we only cater for maximum 20-22 divers at each resort.