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Gokana Teppan

(022) 2061 093


CIHAMPELAS WALK Jl. Cihampelas no.160 Bandung.

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Raa Cha

(022) 2061 093


CIHAMPELAS WALK Jl. Cihampelas no.160 Bandung.

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Raa Cha Suki & Barbeque, a restaurant with the concept of self service. Starting from the selection of food from the food displays, until the processing of food. Just to illustrate, upon entering the restaurant Raa Cha Suki & Barbeque, you will find displays of food and beverages that can direct you choose as you wish. After going through the payment process, crew Raa Cha Suki & Barbeque will help you to bring food that you have selected to the table that had been prepared.

You will find an unforgettable sensation in processing cuisine to your liking because Raa Cha Suki & Barbeque provides a unique cooking device in every desk. You will cook your own food you will consume. Raa Cha comes from the Thai language which means "king". It is no coincidence in the selection of the name of this restaurant, because it illustrates Raa Cha food of the Kings. Raa Cha put forward a concept restaurant that is a trend in his native country, Thailand, both from product and how its processing. With more than 100 variations of menu items such as Seaweed Roll, Original Squid Ball, Fried Crab Cake, Angel Hair, Panda Fish, Thai Ice Tea & Coffee, etc. and a very affordable price (USD 2727 - USD 5454 to Suki, and USD 13 181 - USD 15,455 for Barbeque), not surprisingly Raa Cha Suki & Barbeque is always filled with customers every day.

Resto Kediri

0778 465 777


Gedung Graha Anugrah Kediri Jl. Engku Putri - Batam Center

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Welcome !

With the start of the fasting month, also marks the bermulainya a new atmosphere in the year 2010. We invite Mr / Mrs / Mr / i skalian to hold you fast-breaking events to Resto Kediri.

We offer a menu of different Iftar packages each day in the cycle menu for the month of fasting that we attach in this email.

Resto Kediri also has various facilities and other services, including:
* Dining Room
* Lesehan ala Jogja
* Lesehan Japanese style (Tatami)
* V.I.P. Room
* Executive Room
* Banquet Hall with capacity of 500 pax
* Meeting Hall with a capacity of 100 pax
* Orders Outside Catering / Buffet
* Orders Rice Tumpeng
* Parking for up to 70 cars
* Free Internet Hot Spot

Our menu can also be seen in the Tribune TV, FM Batam, Batam TV, and on our website restokediri.com

We look forward to welcoming you to break the fast at Resto Kediri.

PT. Baba Rafi Indonesia

+6231 599 9975



Ruko Manyar Garden Regency 29-30 Jl. Nginden Semolo 109, Surabaya - Jawa Timur - Indonesia

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Kebab Turki Baba Rafi (KTBR), a fast food business that is now more widely known. With the main product "Kebab", which was delicious and distinctive taste is not a seasonal business as proven by his actions that aaa menusantara even ready to explore Southeast Asia. Under the auspices of the management of PT. Baba Rafi Indonesia, KTBR managed by a young energetic, integrity and relentless innovation, proven to stand up 600 outlets over a period of 7 years development. Degree THE BEST AND THE LOCAL FAST FOOD FRANCHISE Largest was achieved. Of course, successful step was achieved thanks to cooperation with mutual support between the Franchisee Franchisor.

Rows of the awards more proof of professionalism PT. Baba Rafi Indonesia. KTBR very ready menginternasional, now no longer local but international business business.

Biyung Restaurant

+62 31 5021386


Jl. Raya Gubeng 44 Surabaya

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Mother, which means the mother is one of the reliable and leading restaurants in Surabaya, which stood since May 2000.

Building with a comfortable room and a spacious parking area and the various domestic and foreign cuisine dishes with a taste that "WAH" and the right price, making the mother as the perfect choice to capture every precious moment in your life and your family.

Mother with comprehensive facilities can also be used for various activities, sepertii event - the event service, events - religious events, seminars, product launching, and so forth.

Restoran Kuningan

(031) 5035103



Jalan Kalimantan 14 (Gubeng) Surabaya

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Whether a business lunch or a family dinner, the atmosphere is ideal for both occasions.

Nano's Flame Grilled Chicken Restaurant

+62 21 75911770


Jl. Pangeran Antasari Komplek Executive Paradise Blok E-10 Jakarta Selatan - Jakarta - Indonesia

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Introducing Nando's Flame-Grilled Chicken Restaurant, a South African based international operations of quick-service chains restaurants with over 2000 outlets around the globe, in 27 countries and 5 continents, from Africa to America, Europe to Australia, and Australia to Asia.

Nano's Flame Grilled Chicken Restaurant

+62 361 288 679



Jl. Danau Poso No. 8, Br. Blanjong Sanur 80228 Bali - Indonesia

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Introducing Nando's Flame-Grilled Chicken Restaurant, a South African based international operations of quick-service chains restaurants with over 2000 outlets around the globe, in 27 countries and 5 continents,  from Africa to America, Europe to Australia, and Australia to Asia.

Kripik Tempe Bu Noer



Jl. Ciliwung II/2 Malang, Jawa Timur, Indonesia

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Located at Jalan Ciliwung II / 2, Malang, East Java, Indonesia. It is a home-based businesses (SMEs), which seeks to work with employees to earn money by making / producing various foods that have characteristics of Malang city, or commonly known as "By-by specific Malang". Meanwhile, various foods include: chips Various Kripik Tempe, Brownies Tempe, Cake Bekatul, Fruit Kripik, etc. And will always make the innovation of new products other.




Jl. Terusan Borobudur 80 Malang

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Accepting orders from all over Indonesia.
All products are shipped in frozen state except Sweet Potato Pau (Pao Telo).

Shipping outside the region of Malang subject to additional fees and postage box. Delivery of goods after payment made via bank / transfer to our account we have received.

To not disappoint consumers, especially toward the purchase of all types of our excellent products, it is recommended to contact several days in advance via email, telephone and sms.