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The Peak Resort Dining

62 - 22 2700759



Jl. Desa Karyawangi Ciwaruga KM 6,8 No 388 Kacamatan Parongpong Kabupaten Bandung

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Due north of Bandung, a city located in West Java, towers the peak of the volcano Tangkuban Prahu, named for the "upturned boat" it resembles, along with Mount Burangrang, another majestic and ominous volcano.

Clouds ceaselessly stream over massive volcanic summits. The freshness of greenery, both natural and agricultural, spreads to the horizon around. Cold, clean, refreshing winds attract people to visit or even to build vacation villas in these hilly regions.

Sapulidi Cafe

+62 22 2034109


Jl. Cihampelas 107 Bandung

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Since 1999, Dapur Sapulidi is the beginning restaurant ( cafe ) of Sapulidi. In the Central of Bandung tourisme area. On 2009, we changes the Dapur Sapulidi with new atmosfer. We give a title is “Sapulidi Dahareun Ngampoeng di Cafe”. New Sapulidi Dahareun have a differently style of architecture and the cuisine. With the cozy interior and great entertaint facilities, Sapulidi Dahareun present you the fancy's and the romances cafe.

Bali Cyber Cafe & Restaurant

+62 361 761326


9 Kompleks Sriwijaya, Jalan Patih Jelantik, Kuta 80361, Bali

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Our setup was different; completely modern, high standard of service with personal touches, different sections catering to computing; cool dining area for a simple meal or a group function, all in the best tropical ambient. It has the most modern computer peripheral enabling customers to do their work or simply browse the internet, call using VoIP or chat with other over the net with Web Cam. There have always been many other technological advanced features adding from time to time, e.g. secured WI-FI network, Voice over IP, DVD burning, high resolution scanning, laser colour printing etc.

We have been providing high standard of food quality with strong emphasis on hygiene. The large section of the menu contains a balance of variety with an awareness of nutrition, with the help of the science of cooking. We have pampered many happy customers with a strong and nice cappuccino together with a healthy sandwich while they surf the net. We have also conducted cooking classes and received many reviews.

Café Local

+62 361 755 123



Jl.Benesari - POPPIES II, Kuta BALI 80361

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The restaurant has a modern open style with a eye for detail reflected in the choice of the decor, table-runners, coaster, cutlery, music, chairs and the like.  The dining quality is enhanced by the decor and environment.

The menu is a carefully selected range of world cuisine with, of course, a Belgian touch here and there with typical dishes like "Vlaamse stoofkarbonaden" - a beefstew slowly simmered in dark beer - or  "Koninginnehapje"  literal meaning a 'Queens snack' - chicken with bechamel and mushrooms.  Both of course served with belgian fries - do not let yourself be fooled there is no such thing as "French"  Fries, it is their friendly northern neighbour that invented fries and perfected the art of double frying to get the mouth watering crispy flavor.  No Belgian choice would be complete without some chocolate options like our homemade 'Chocomousse'  or an all time favorite "Dame Blanche" ice cream dessert.

We also have a refined Asian selection, and a few Indonesian classics, own made Italian pasta and pizzas, wonderful soups and salads.  Whether you want a snack or a more refined choice or just some comfort food, and if it is not on the menu, ask we might be able to accommodate (availability of ingredients allowing).

But it is also about the centuries' old Burgundian way of living in Belgium with the enjoyment of different food from different cultures.

But it is not just about the food.  Wonderful food also deserves good presentation on nice plates and bowls, and what is more it doesn't have to be all that expensive,

And if a simple nasi goreng coming out of the kitchen and looks like a picture and tastes like heaven and people say "aahh beautiful " we know we are on the right track.

Made's Warung Kuta

62 361 755297


Br. Pande Mas, Kuta, Bali, Indonesia

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Mades warung was established in 1969 and has become a social eating and meeting venue for locals, expats and tourists alike. It has grown from a traditional roadside warung into a cosmopolitan restaurant serving a variety of local and international food in Bali.

Gurihan Barbeque

+62 812 38 51303



Jalan Raya Mas Ubud, Bali

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Warong concept by presenting local cuisine mixed with international flavor, and offers a taste of the spectacular cuisine.
Is a culinary tour that need to be tested, this is the only stall that implements the concept of Franchising pattern.
Franchising concept shop will be open in several locations in Bali.


+62 21 39838257



Plaza Indonesia 6th Floor No. E02-03, Jl. M. H. Thamrin Kav. 28-30, Jakarta Pusat, Indonesia

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mmigrant is the new trendy place in Jakarta and, for once, it isn't just about marketing. Immigrant is a great nightlife spot in my opinion and a truly stylish one too. The location is perfect, with a superb panorama of Jakarta by night. The interior is spacious, in between X2 and Blowfish, and decorated neatly. Immigrant resembles a NYC loft with vintage, industrial design and dim lighting. The restaurant and the nightclub are well-separated from each other, so it is possible to finish your meal even after the music gets loud around midnight. Excellent steaks among other stuff.

Blowfish Kitchen and Bar

+62 31 502 3001


MEX Building Penthouse Level (7th Floor) Jl. Pregolan 1, 3, 5 Surabaya

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BLOWFISH, the highly acclaimed and award-winning contemporary Japanese restaurant and bar, is back at a new exciting location with an avant-garde design that will stimulate and awaken the senses.

Refined and sensuous, BLOWFISH specializes in modern Japanese cuisine, created by executive chef Hugo Adrian of San Francisco, integrating western ingredients and techniques with traditional Japanese cooking.

Connected to the restaurant, the lounge at BLOWFISH incorporates stunning ethnic Japanese design elements into its edgy and modern decor, creating a unique nightlife experience.

All in all, BLOWFISH is an exuberant celebration of the best of Japanese food, design, and lifestyle.

The Nest Grill




Mezzanine level, Lumina Tower The Kuningan Place Jl. Kuningan Utama lot 15 Jakarta 12980

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The Nest Grill is the heart and souls of the food hall. The Nest Grill is a steak house that focuses in delivering the best imported meats. With a Modern Australian influenced style of cooking and preparations. The Nest Grill kitchen is an open kitchen. In a cosy environment where the guests are seated close to the kitchen, so they can see and feel that they are part of the action.

Food is like fashion there is a season and time. With the current situation the market always demand for something new, something different, and something affordable. The Nest Grill provides a fine dining experience at an affordable price, as well as warm, earthy, and cosy ambience. The Nest Grill focuses in providing the best quality steak product either local or imported. Supported with the style of service that will create a memorable experience.

Cork & Screw Jakarta Wisma Kodel

+6221 5290 2030


JL. H.R. Rasuna Said Kav. B-S

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With a restaurant and bar inside a wine shop, CORK&SCREW is a sophisticated casual dining destination conveniently located in Jakarta's hip Plaza Indonesia and Rasuna Said area. Established in 2007, CORK&SCREW offers guests an unparalleled wine and social experience with extensive range of wine programs.

CORK&SCREW’s cellar has one of the largest wine selections in the country while its kitchen focuses on an extensive menu comprised of tasty and casual modern European and Asian dishes.