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that the majestic trees  that grow tall and straight up symbolize true love while their evergreen leaves symbolize everlasting love. How to get here:From Yogyakarta , drive south to  the ringroad that will lead to Jalan Imogiri Timur, follow the route untill you reach the Imogiri three lane juction and take the left towards  the Imogiri cemetery. Before reaching this, you will see another triple junction, then take the right turn towards Mangunan, then follow through straight ahead untill you get a whiff of the aromatic pines. Then you know you are at the right place. 7. Mount Pancar near Bogor, West JavaImage by Bogor has  many attractive tourist spots, that become even more alluring because Bogor is close to the capital city of Jakarta, reachable in just about an hour’s drive via toll road with normal traffic. The Rain City as Bogor is often called, offers culinary attractions, shopping, and natural adventures. With many accomodation options to choose from, you will find it easy to enjoy your exploration here. The pine forest is located inside the Taman Wisata Alam Gunung Pancar (TWA Gunung Pancar), in the Karang Tengah village, at Citeureup Bogor. Entrance fee on weekday visits are Rp Rp 5,000/person for locals and Rp 100,000 /person for international tourists. On weekends and public holidays tickets cost Rp 7,500/for local tourists and Rp150,000/ for international tourists, exclusive of vehicle parking. A special price is quoted when you come for a pre wedding photo shoot. Outbound activities are also available with additional cost, that are run by local operators. Besides camping,paintball,high ropes,and mountain bike rides,. you can also ride a horse around the lush green natural site. Camping grounds are available at several locations to choose from, with a range of prices according to the number of participants and functions to be held here. Camping tents and even kitchen tents with catering are available. You need only to carry your own sleeping bag for more comfort. How to get here:You can get to Mount Pancar either by motorbike, car or chartered bus when you bring large number of people for a gathering. From Jakarta, take the toll road heading to Sentul city, drive through Sentul in the direction of the Sentul Jungle Land.   When you arrive at a T-junction,  turn right. Soon  you will see a signage that says: “Karang Tengah”,  follow the road sign straight ahead until you arrive at the site.  When you use a motorbike you  can take the old jalan raya Bogor and turn left for the alternative route to Sentul, then take a right turn to Jalan Babakan Madang. The road will then start to climb  up where it will welcome you with  pine forest views.           8. Romantic Bukit Moko overlooking Bandung, West Java Image by nandyabachtiarSitting atop Bandung’s highest peak at 1, 500 meters above sea level,  you can enjoy the aroma of pines while gazing on the twinkling lights of Bandung city below. The road to get here is from Jalan Padasuka, Kampung Bukis Bongkor Cimenyan. But beware since the road is steep and winding,  it is best to check and prepare yourself for the ride before deciding to go uphill. “Puncak Bintang” or Star Peak is the spot to experience a magical sunrise or sunset above Bandung. Entrance fee is Rp 5.000 per person, with extra charge if you are making a pre wedding photo session. Some road portals and vehicle parking fees are also collected by the locals on your way to site. Warung Daweung, in the local Sundanese language meaning “daydreaming” is a rest area where you can enjoy local delicacies of food and drinks to warm your tummy in the cool air. Camping is allowed here with extra payment. How to get here:From Bandung city center, head up to Cicaheum Terminal, from here follow directions towards Padasuka Village where you will pass by a popular tourist spot for traditional bamboo music,  the Saung Angklung Udjo. It takes around 8 km from this point to the peak, along which you will also pass Dapur Caringin Tilu, a cafe where you can sip some warm drinks before reaching your destination. 9. The Cikole Forest at Lembang near Bandung, West JavaImage by piknikasikVery popular for family and corporate gatherings, this forest provides recreational packages to suit your needs well. From camping, forest trekking to  pre-wedding photos and villas to spend a wonderful time in the shades of the trees. Completed with a few restaurants with each specific capacity and unique atmosphere, this place will surely also meet your culinary explorations. Outbound packages for team building and outdoor adventures are available with various games to choose from, such as flying fox, paint balls and challenging ATV’s. You should definitely try to stay the night in one of the accommodation facilities provided here, whether it be the tent, the wooden cottages or the hotel, each with their own advantages. Due to a heavy traffic especially during weekends, it is advised to come up here very early in the morning, and perchance catch a beautiful sunrise peeking between the trees. How to get here:The address of Cikole forest is on jalan Raya Tangkuban Perahu Km 8, Cikole village, Lembang, west Bandung. So drive via Jl. Baranang Siang to Jl. Ahmad Yani, and then follow through via Jl. Pasirkaliki, Jl. Sukajadi, Jl. Setiabudhi and Jl. Raya Lembang to finally reach Jl. Tangkuban Perahu. 10. The Pine Forest Camp near Bandung, West JavaImage by raihanwarAt 1,200 meters above sea level, in the North side of Bandung, this exclusive camping ground will fill your weekend getaway with fun and pleasure. The Pine Forest Camp became even more popular to domestic tourists ever since one of Indonesia’s top jazz singers, Andien, held her wedding ceremony here.  Since then, weddings and ceremonies seemed to spike to be taken at outdoor sites next to pre-wedding photo shoots. The official website describes all activities that you can enjoy while staying here, such as Exclusive Camping, Family Gatherings / Company Gatherings, Team Building / Outbound Training, Outdoor Party and Games, High Rope Course & Flying Fox, Paintball War Simulations Game and many more to discover around the green grass and tall pines. Opened for business since 2003, the facility caters to many big brand corporate events daily. To enjoy the pine forest, you should definitely go trekking and don’t miss out on the super exciting offroad jeep tour that will make you scream and laugh along the bumpy and muddy terrain. If you need to stay for a night or two, you can choose to rent tents or check in at a lodge. How to get here:The address of the  Pine Forest Camp is at Jalan Maribaya Timur, Suntenjaya, Lembang, West Bandung. From Bandung, you  drive via Jl. Baranang Siang to Jl. Sunda and continue to Jl. Ir. H. Djuanda, Jl. Dago Giri, Jl. Cigalukguk, Jl. Babakan Sumplit and Jl. Cibodas - Bukit Tunggul all the way untill you reach Suntenjaya . And by the way, this camp site also has a helicopter pad, in case you feel like making a grand entrance.   11. The Maribaya Lodge at Lembang near BandungImage by hgichaOrange tents, in attractive pumpkin like structures are laid out on terraces along two areas, the sunset view and the sunrise view. These tents are equipped with electricity sockets for your gadgets, cooling fan, fitted sheet mattresses and are set up above a firm concrete base. This Lodge nature resort will refresh your eyes and relax your soul with luscious green of the forest and  surrounding vegetation. Well known recently from social media photo posts, it has and enchanting view not unlike other famous tourist spots like Kalibiru Yogyakarta and Tebing Keraton in Bandung. To complete your holiday, the Dapur Hawu restaurant provides special Sundanese food for you to try. The Pines cafe, recently opened in 2016 specializes in coffee,tea, home made cakes and snacks to accompany your lounging hour viewing the scenery inhaling deeply the cool fresh air. Bring your own mountain bike, if you wish to really explore the site, since there are no rentals available here. The most eye catching spot for social media photo post is the mountain swing, where you can take selfies of yourself swinging over the beautiful forest. And last but not least is the edgeless viewing deck, placed high on a tree, that looks down onto the breathtaking row of  pines below. How to get here:The Lodge’s location is at Jl. Maribaya Timur Km. 6, Kampung Kosambi Cibodas, Lembang, West Bandung.

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