Tourist Arrivals to Indonesia surged 23.5% in January-July 2017 period

14 Sep 2017

Indonesia's Central Statistics Board (BPS) recently announced that from January through July 2017 total international tourist arrivals to the country surged +23.5% , reaching 7.81 million visitors compared to the 6.3 million welcomed year on year, said Head of BPS, Suharjanto in a press conference on 4 September.

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With detailed breakdown according to entry gates, arrivals through the 19 main entry points during the 7 months together reached 6.75 million, while arrivals through other minor gates jointly tallied 1.06 million.

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Arrival statistics in the month of July this year jumped no less than 30.85% compared to July last year.
When comparing July data with the previous month of June, it showed that foreign tourists through the 19 gates experienced an increase of 24.58% with highest growth seen at Yogyakarta's airport with a hefty +107.23% increase.

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Other major points of growth were at Tanjung Uban in North Bintan and the city of Tanjung Pinang harbor also on Bintan recording 56,81% increase followed by Makassar's Hasanuddin Airport which rose 48.47%.
Slowest growth, however, was felt at Medan's Kualanamu Airport with a small increase of +6.33%.
Most astounding increase for the month of July was seen at check points outside the main entry ports, - mainly land cross border points - that churned up five fold to 170.7 thousand arrivals or up 583.31% compared to July 2016, which recorded only 25,735 cross border arrivals

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This gigantic jump has been due to the change in the method of data capture which now uses mobile positioning data (MPD) at cross-border immigration points, which came into use since July 2016, and is aimed at more accurate data collection of visitors arrival. Moreover, the Tourism Ministry has organized many cross-border gigs and sports events that have drawn thousands of participants across the borders with Malaysia in West and Central Kalimantan and with Timor Leste at Atambua, at Indonesia's side of the island of Timor in East Nusatenggara.

Bali Arrivals tops 3.3 million

Bali has remained the top gate for tourists to Indonesia, registering a total of 3,3 million international visitors at Bali's Ngurah Rai International Airport, or 3,379,287 to be exact, from January through July 2017. This means that tourists to Bali soared by 24.46% year on year from the 2,7million the previous year.

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With 7.8 million tourists arrivals to Indonesia during the first 7 months of the year, Tourism Minister Arief Yahya is confident that the national target of welcoming 15 million tourists for the whole of 2017 will be achieved, since the second semester of the year is normally the busy holiday period.

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