The BALIKPAPAN MASTERS CUP 2017: Watch your football legends play "Live"

15 Aug 2017

Football fans, get ready to watch your football legends play "Live" in Balikpapan!

On 5th November 2017, the legendary football players from Arsenal, Liverpool, as well as the Indonesia National Team will face each other and showcase their exceptional skills in a special match entitled Balikpapan Masters Cup 2017, scheduled to take place at the Balikpapan International Stadium, in Balikpapan, East Kalimantan Province.

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This special game among teams of world’s football masters –as they are aptly called-, will feature some of the most renowned names in football history, particularly in England’s Premier League Clubs. These include Mikael Silvester, Freddie Ljunberg, and Robert Pires from the Arsenal Masters; John Arne Riise, Louis Garcia, and Emile Heskey from the Liverpool Masters; and from the Indonesia Masters, Kurniawan Dwi Yulianto and Bima Sakti.

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The triangular tournament will be set in the concept of trofeo, in which the teams face each other in a three round-robin 45-minute matches. When a match ends in a draw, the game will be decided by a penalty shoot-out. Three points will be awarded for a victory during regular play, with zero points to the loser. And when the match is decided by penalties, then the winner will be awarded two points and the loser one point.

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The presence and performance of these legends is certainly most anticipated by the ‘Liverpudlians’ (Liverpool Fans) and ‘Gooners’ (Arsenal Fans) across the Indonesian archipelago and beyond. While for Balikpapan, the game will be the perfect media to turn the spotlight of the world onto the city as well as on East Kalimantan, and its many exciting attractions.

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“If initially, many people outside Indonesia are mostly familiar with Bali and Jakarta only, but through this event we will introduce Balikpapan with all its appeal to the world. We are placing our best efforts to make this an unforgettable and historic event, thereby informing the world that Balikpapan also has an international standard Stadium to hold international matches” said the Promoter of the event who is also Head of the Chamber of Commerce of Balikpapan, Yaser Arafat.

Meanwhile, Balikpapan’s travel industry is enthusiastically anticipating this great event. A number of agents are ready to present their products and showcase the beauty of Balikpapan and East Kalimantan to the hordes of die-hard football fans.

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 “Through this event, we can offer this destination’s range of attractions we” said owner of Warna Pelangi Tour and Travel, Tan Lili. Likewise, the owner of Trans Borneo Adventure, Joko Purwanto commented that the Balikpapan Masters Cup is a golden opportunity to introduce the many tourist attractions of the region to the world. “This is a great opportunity for all tourism stakeholders to introduce the wide range of attractions of East Kalimantan. Aside from gathering huge crowds from outside East Kalimantan, the event will also have significant impact on the promotion and the economy of the region” said Joko Purwanto.

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Located on the south eastern coast of East Kalimantan facing the deep Makassar Strait, the city of Balikpapan is better known as the Oil City of Indonesia for its extensive Oil and other mining industries. In addition, the city is also developing as an emerging tourist destination and a central hub to the fascinating wonders of Kalimantan.

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Today, besides its oil silos and refineries, which are a must to see, although from a distance, Balikpapan has quite a number of tourist attractions in and around the city. Three most popular beaches here are the Kemala Beach within the city limits, the Manggar Beach, situated some 17 km. east of Balikpapan, and the Segara Sari Beach, a little further to the east. Meanwhile, the Wain River Forest Reserve should be visited since it is home to a number of amazing wildlife including Honey Bears, Orangutans, and the unique Proboscis Monkeys.

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Balikpapan’s Sepinggan Airport is the main transit point inland to Tanjungredep airport in Berau Regency, which is the hopping off point to the Divers and Snorkelers paradise of Derawan Islands.  Here the Kakaban Lake within the Derawan Islands is the site where one can swim with hundreds of unique stingless jellyfish. A phenomenon that only exists in two places on earth.

There are direct flights from Singapore to Balikpapan and of course from all major cities in Indonesia.

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