The 4th Goat Run Trail Running 2016 on Mt. Agung Summit, Bali

20 Oct 2016

Emulating the relentless spirit and amazing physical endurance of the mountain goat, the Goat Run Trail Running series 2016 willreach its pinnacle in its 4th series on 27th November 2016 at Mount Agung on the enchanting Island of Bali. This will be the final series of Goat Run Trail Running 2016 following the previous three series held at Mount Guntur in West Java, Mount Merapi in Yogyakarta, and Mount Raung in East Java.

Centered on Mount Agung, near the island’s Hindu mother temple called Pura Besakih, the trail run will be divided into 15K and 25K categories. This challenging race will flag off at the parking Area of Pura Pasar Agung, followed by a straight climb to the summit of Mount Agung, then a steep descent down the mountain slope until reaching the finish line at Balai Wantilan Banjar Setiabudi. For the 15K, the cut-off time is 7 hours and the record to beat is 4 hours, while for the 25K ,cut-off time is 9 hours and the record to beat is 6 hours.

Standing majestically at 3.142 meters above sea level, the strato-volcano that is Mount Agung is the highest peak on Bali Island. During a clear sky, the summit provides excellent panorama overlooking the entire island. Receiving regular rainfall from clouds on the west side, its western slopes are green and lush with vegetation, whereas, its opposite eastern slope remains dry and barren. With this short but challengingly steep route, Mount Agung is the perfect pinnacle for the Goat Run Trail Running Series 2016.

Goat Run Trail Running is a series of trail running races consisting of 4 different races held in one year. The race takes place onvarious amazing exotic volcanic peaks all over the Indonesian Archipelago which have challenging routes characterized by steepness and difficulties that will challenge not only the physical strength of participants but also their mental endurance.  

Each race has the distance covering somewhere between 10Km to 42Km with minimum total elevation gain of 1000 meters.

Winners in each series will receive prizes while the top 40 finishers will gain points which will be accumulated at the end of the series. Runners with the most points will be bear the title of the Mountain Goat and represent Indonesia at the World series Trail Running events.

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