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28 Apr 2017

Will you be in Bali this May? Stay tuned for the splendid celebration of culinary delights. The 3rd annual Ubud Food Festival 2017 is coming again on May 12th-14th to pamper your taste buds. This year's theme is "Every Flavor Is a Story" and it is especially designed to create the most spectacular celebration since its inaugural event two years ago. Culinary superstars from Indonesia will share the feast's stages with world renowned cooks and food entrepreneurs during the three days venue held at Taman Kuliner Ubud

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"The Ubud Food Festival will showcase numerous culinary sessions to assemble visitors in a friendly feast flavored with knowledge sharing around the food and beverage art. Farah Quinn, Chef Marinka, Bara Pattiradjawane, Sisca Suwitomo and Bondan Winarno are a few culinary celebrities scheduled to participate in the event," said Janet DeNeefe as Founder and Director of the Ubud Food Festival 2017. Around one hundred speakers coming from all parts of the globe are also on the guest list to engage in a discussion forum headlined as Think-Talk-Taste.

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Cooking demos, film screenings, fresh markets, masterclass sessions, food photography workshops and many more excitements will highlight this year's festival. World class award winning chefs attending this May are most impressive. Eelke Plasjmeijer of Locavora that just recently made the list of top 50 best restaurants in Asia, and then New York's finest dessert expert Will Goldfarb of the Room 4 Dessert, Michelin star chef Nic Vanderbeeken of the CasCades Restaurant, Will Meyrick of Huian Locale, and Chris Salans as the respected figure behind the Mozaic Ubud Institute are expected to spice up these food vaganza. "We also would like to invite William Wongso as the Indonesian President's chef and national culinary legend to attend once more. Last Year he launched a book called ‘Flavors of Indonesia: William Wongso's Culinary Wonders' during the Ubud Food Festival," Janet added moreover.

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Recently William Wongso also made headlines in Paris, France, at the Indonesian Culinary Festival.

Culinary tradition is an inseparable part of cultural heritage in Indonesia, formed from long lineage of local ingredients and cooking techniques. Innovative creations sometimes fuse local foods with cooking techniques from other culture to experiment new ways to satisfy the appetite of larger and international audiences. Tourism is strongly related to food adventures and shopping experiences. "The Wonderful Indonesia tourism products portfolio consists of 35% natural richness, 60% cultural heritages and 5% man-made structures. Culinary attractions filled 30% of the 60% portion of cultural heritage, thus clearly stated the importance of making local cuisine stand out is for the world to come taste it," elaborated  Arief Yahya, Indonesia's Minister of Tourism.

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Ubud is renowned for its tranquil and soothing part of Bali. Ubud was also the setting for the popular film ‘Eat, Pray, Love'.  Here you can find amazing rice terraces and dense forests filled with tropical trees, a perfect setting of leisure in the World's Best Destination. Good food will bring in good mood! Check out the venue's details on this link, and book your tickets now to be at the center of Ubud Food Festival 2017 celebration!

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