7 Mar 2017

Dive enthusiasts, Adventure Seekers, and Adrenaline Junkies Brace yourself! Combining Adventure on land and in the ocean, the largest annual diving, adventure travel and water sports exhibition in Indonesia is back this year with DEEP and EXTREME INDONESIA 2017, which will be staged on 30th March to 2nd April 2017 at the Jakarta Convention Center, Jakarta.

If you are looking for the more well-known dive locations around Bali, Komodo seas, Aceh, Wakatobi, Bunaken, Raja Ampat, you can find all information and relevant operators here. But there will also be those who can lead you to remote pristine locations such as Takabonerate in South Sulawesi, the Moluccas, the Bay of Cenderawasih in Papua to play with giant whale sharks.

In Extreme Sports, why not try caving in Sukabumi or vertical caving at Yogyakarta, or go Bono river surfing on the Kampar river in Riau. Trek up Rinjani and Tambora volcanoes and do other adrinaline pumping sports throughout Indonesia.

The annually organized DEEP Indonesia is now in its eleventh year and has grown to become the largest scuba diving, adventure travel and water sports exhibition in the region with the DEEP 2016 show attracting nearly one hundred and fifty exhibitors and more than 25 thousand visitors from the dive and travel industries and adventure and dive communities from across Indonesia and surrounding countries.

The 11th annual DEEP Indonesia 2017 will be an even larger arena not only to conduct business, provide premier networking opportunities and showcase products, but will also offer visitors and participants the most extensive events program yet through seminars on diving equipment, diving safety plus other presentations and stage programs and competitions for participants from manufacturers, travel destinations and dive certification organizations.

Meanwhile, EXTREME Indonesia, is a major Extreme Sports, Outdoor Adventure and Eco Tourism exhibition which has been running for nine years and has now grown to be the largest exhibition in its category in Indonesia. EXTREME Indonesia 2017 will be the only exhibition in this region providing a wide platform for promoting adventure lifestyle to extreme sports, outdoor adventure and ecotourism audiences. The combination of these exhibitions has proven to be an effective business development tool for industry players. DEEP and EXTREME Indonesia regularly attracts up to 150 exhibitors and more than 25,000 visitors from related industries and communities from all around Indonesia as well as other countries.

As always, this special exhibition will involve the participation of various agencies such as Tourism Promotion Boards, Government Maritime Organizations and Institutions, Training & Certification Agencies, and more. DEEP and EXTREME Indonesia 2017 will also feature various services of Dive and Adventure Travel Agents, Resorts and Destinations Operators, Live-aboard Dive Operators, Commercial Diving Companies, Safety & Rescue Services, Underwater Photography & Videography, insurance agencies, Adventure Travel and Tour Operators, Race Organizers, Outbound Operators and Destinations, Training and Education Centers, Clubs and Associations, Insurance Agencies, Media & Publishing, and more.

This is also the event where you can find a wide selection of products such as Dive Equipment & Accessories, Water sports Equipment & Accessories Apparel and Accessories, Tech Gear and Gadgets, Safety Products, Art and Handicrafts, Extreme Sport Equipment , Outdoor gears, Running & Multi Sports Equipment and Accessories Manufacturers, Wholesalers, Exporters, Importers, Retailers, Extreme & Multi Sports and Outdoor Apparel and Accessories, Outdoor Clothing and Fashion, All Terrain Vehicles, Safety and Rescue Products and Services, Healthcare products and services, and a whole lot more.

Since the first DEEP Indonesia that was held in 2007, the show has represented all underwater and ocean related activities in Indonesia, showcasing diving, adventure travel and water sports industries. At the 3rd DEEP Indonesia in 2009, the first EXTREME Indonesia was introduced and was held concurrently with the DEEP Indonesia show to extend and combine the market demand for adventure travel. It was designed in particular to cater to the industry as well as to communities that are into outdoor adventure activities, travel and extreme sports. Over time, EXTREME Indonesia has firmly been associated with eco-based tourism. So be sure to take part in this exciting festivities, Connect with tens of thousands of diving, adventure travel and watersports professionals, extreme sports, outdoor adventure and eco-tourism professionals, clubs and community members with DEEP and EXTREME Indonesia 2017.

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