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Story of Indonesia, Every Picture Tells A Story

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From the island of Sumatra, the deltas and vast rivers in Kalimantan to the fertile mountains of Java and extraordinary Bali, travelers will   be enchanted by Indonesia’s kaleidoscope of natural and cultural scenes.  Historical traces can still be seen, among which are Bandung’s famed street, Braga, or the horse-drawn carriages in Yogyakarta, known as andong, as well as the peculiar motorized becak, or trishaws in Medan.  Elsewhere await the ‘lake of colors’ or Telaga Warna near Puncak, or the “white crater -  kawah putih,  a crater lake up in the highlands, also in West West Java. Many of these will bring memories of your first visit to  Indonesia, and  encourage visitors to plan their next holiday to vacation in wonderful Indonesia.

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Newly paved Braga Street in Bandung, West Java is a romanticized district with rows of art deco buildings. During the Dutch colonial times, this was an uptown shopping area.

Indonesia was recently distinguished by USA Today as one of the greatest travel bargain-destinations in 2011. The country has everything to fascinate visitors, although, less known by most Americans, the paper said. Attractions vary from the luminous skyline on the beach, dramatic rock formations underwater, mythical four-legged dragons, to lush mountain sceneries, encompassing each traditional exquisite, cultural blings, of historical significance.  All are soaked in a best buy traveling bowl of the year.

The golden eras of prominent kingdoms on Java have etched cultural expressions such as at this Javanese dance studio on the outskirts of Yogyakarta, known as  Kota Gede, center of silversmiths .

Bull races are not only held in Madura but also here in Padang, while gliding dragon boats complete the daily scene. The rustic layers of images slide to a more sophisticated epitome in  West Sumatra’s Tour de Singkarak . Elsewhere, the midnight city lights bracket  grand shopping plazas in the capital,  Jakarta

Photo by various source at KEMPAREKRAF.

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The agricultural lifestyle in Indonesia is found everywhere. It is responsible for the soil-soaked birth of various local festivities, among which,  the bull race contest at Tanah Datar, West Sumatra, called the Pacu Jawi.

image by Hasan Tribuana