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Lampung: The Southern Gateway to Sumatra

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Lampung: The Southern Gateway to Sumatra

Posted on 10 December 2013

Situated at the most southern part of Sumatra and separated by the Sunda Strait from Java, Lampung is a province blessed with both stunning natural beauty and fascinating culture of its people. At the heart of the province is Bandarlampung, capital and largest city of the province which acts as an inter-island hub and main gateway to Sumatra from Java. Its proximity to the Bakauheni Seaport and the international Airport of Radin Inten II in South Lampung makes the city a central point, accessible both by air and sea. From the south, Bandarlampung is also the first major city on the inter-province highway called the Trans Sumatra Highway.


The first panorama that one will never fail to notice when crossing the Sunda Strait separating Java and Sumatra is obviously the remnants of the once mighty Mount Krakatau


These are the Krakatau islands that consist of Rakata or Krakatau Besar (Large Krakatau), Panjang or Krakatau Kecil (Small Krakatau), Sertung and the Anak Krakatau (The child of Krakatau) islets. As the site of one of history’s most memorable volcanic explosions that ever took place on the planet, the Krakatau Islands are truly a marvel of their own.

For those who find pleasure in the comforting breeze over soft white sandy beaches or enjoy the thrilling waves asthey hit the shore, Lampung has some of the most fascinating shorelines of the Archipelago at Tanjung Setia Beach and the Kalianda Resort.