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The Whaleshark in Cendrawasih Bay National Park

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The Whaleshark in Cendrawasih Bay National Park

Posted on 7 August 2012

Michael Sjukrie is a founder and also an owner of diving course, Ody Dive, located in Menteng, Jakarta. Sjukrie, who started to experience diving since he was 10 years old, is now working as a diving instructor and an underwater photographer. As an experienced and skillful diver and underwater photographer, diving with Sjukrie will be a worthy experience.

The following are some photographs he is pleased to share with the readers of Indonesia.travel. He invites us to witness his experience at the end of July 2012 in meeting whaleshark (Rhincodon typus) in Kwatisore, Taman Nasional Teluk Cendrawasih—Cendrawasih Bay National Park. This world’s largest fish can weigh up to 21 tonnes and can grow to 14 meters in length or even more. Meanwhile, the life span of this whaleshark can reach up to 150 years old. This whaleshark is known as migratory animals. The report shows that whaleshark is also spotted in South Africa, India, Philippines, and Australia. In Australia, divers have to wait until summer to be able to meet the whaleshark.

In Cendrawasih Bay National Park, the whaleshark can be seen almost in all seasons during a year; thus it becomes a unique phenomenon. The national park has become a home or a playground for the whaleshark which likes to feed on anchovies (small fishes) given by fishermen. In Indonesia, this gigantic fish can also be spotted in underwater of Sabang and Madura. 

All photos by Michael Sjukrie.