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The Traditions That Make Flores Culturally Extraordinary

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The Traditions That Make Flores Culturally Extraordinary

Posted on 23 November 2011

The more we travel eastward along the archipelago, the greater the number of distinctive cultural features compared to those in Sumatra,Java, and Bali. The houses are strangely arranged in a manner that ours do not adopt. In villages, the way the locals transport their produce is somehow an attraction. In the way they convey happiness, there is traditional value that makes Flores an extraordinary place to visit.

These values are partly expressed gracefully in a form of dance and traditional costumes. In an island that spreads only 350 kilometers long, there are 5 distinct sub-ethnicities with their own languages. The words are different, and so are the dialects. The way the villages are established and regulated, or the division of land and crops is totally different. Although they might face somehow different historical background, they all share the same island with the same future in their hands. Would the tradition make it to the same future, or rather stay somewhere along the line?

Photos by Anggun Nugraha/www.indonesia.travel.