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The Deep Water Paradise of Kalasey Seas off Manado

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The Deep Water Paradise of Kalasey Seas off Manado

Posted on 26 May 2011

Located at the Kalasey Village, Pineleng, district of Minahasa just at the western outskirts of Manado, Kalasey Beach is a hidden paradise that offers splendors perfect for recreation. Its shores  and  on land offer the fun of water sports such as Jet Ski, swimming and the delicacies of fresh sea food culinary dishes. The beach also presents some of the best sunset views

Deep below the surface, an enchanting underwater paradise greets divers with its amazing beauty. The rich biodiversity of marine life combined with some of the most exotic creatures of the deep sea create a surreal experience.

As a place where some of the rarest inhabitants of the deep sea dwell, the Kalasey Sea is surely an unspoiled paradise yet to be fully unveiled.


All photos by Toar Pantouw.