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The Exuberant Kampoeng Jazz 2011

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The Exuberant Kampoeng Jazz 2011

Posted on 7 May 2011

Closing the month of April, on a relaxing weekend, April 30th2011, the city of Bandung grooved to the tunes of Jazz, as Kampoeng Jazz 2011 took place at the Padjadjaran University Campus, on Jalan Dipatiukur no. 35th. Taking the theme: “Jazzolution, Where Music Impacts Society”, the event offered jazz as a solution to unify different people with  multi-cultural  and religious backgrounds  in the spirit of humanity, and to care for global and social issues such as poverty alleviation and education. To accomplish these goals, the organizer donated some of the profits from the tickets through the “Dompet Dhuafa” social program.

Featuring some of the renowned international musicians, including Tahiti 80 from France and Sabrina from the Philippines, and Indonesia’s finest jazz artists including: Dira Sugandi, Syaharani and Queenfireworkss, Yovie Widianto Fusion, Tesla Manaf, and many more, the event was celebrated by hundreds of Jazz enthusiasts from Bandung, Jakarta and other cities. Although rain poured down in several occasions, the groovy tunes of jazz managed to keep the enthusiastic crowds dancing and singing along in front of the stage all through the night.

Photo by Andika Saputra/ www.indonesia.travel