Mt. Kelimutu on Flores temporarily Closed to Climbers

Wednesday, 12 June 2013 | 1920

Since 4th June 2013, the Board for Disaster Management of East Nusatenggara province has declared Mt. Kelimutu  on Flores with its three colored lakes closed to all climbers for an unspecified time period, reports Kompas daily.

Head of the Board, Tadeus Tini told reporters in Kupang on 11 June that Mt. Kelimutu, near the town of Ende has shown increased activities, so that its status has been raised from “Safe” to “Alert” (Waspada).

Tadeus Tini said that Mt. Kelimutu volcano has emitted increased sulphuric fumes that have dried up pine trees around the crater, and may, therefore, most likely also endanger human beings.  

Although not a high volcano, with a height of only 960 meters above sea level, Mt. Kelimutu on Flores has increasingly attracted international attention because of its mysterious 3 colored crater lakes, that keep changing color. At present it is reported that colors of the lakes are pink, white and green, whereas previously these were dark purple, yellow and blue.

Some 100 climbers scale the mountain daily to its crater, staying overnight in the village of Moni, 12 kilometers from  Kelimutu’s peak.

Organizers of the Sail Komodo 2013 event hope that by early July activities of the mountain will have subsided since a number of Sail Komodo participants have expressed the wish to climb Mt. Kelimutu.

 Other destinations on Flores and Komodo are not affected by the volcano's activities.

(source: Kompas daily)