Tour de Singkarak Stage 3: Luxemburg’s Johan Coenen wins yellow jersey

Wednesday, 5 June 2013 | 1323

The 3rd stage of Tour de Singkarak 2013 challenged the 110 cyclists to conquer a 208 Kilometers track.  This is the longest and most challenging stage of the competition but also one that present some of the best spectacles of West Sumatra including the Anai Valley waterfall and Lake Maninjau,  along with the challenging Kelok 44 (44 hairpin curves) and the grandeur of Pagaruyung Palace at the Finish line.

The climax of this stage is obviously the very challenging Kelok 44. Overlooking the magnificent view of Lake Maninjau, the course featuresan ascending track that is highlighted with exactly 44 hairpin curves that make up the steep levels. Here, the stamina, mental, and concentration of cyclists are truly tested. With heights reaching 1.079m above sea level, the course is recorded in the UCI (Union Cycliste Internationale) as one of the toughest coursein the world.

Luxemburg cyclist, Johan Coenen from Differdange-Losch Team became the first to cross the finish line in Stage 3 of Tour de Singkarak, clocking at 5 hours 52 minutes and 29 seconds. Emerging 3 minutes and 16 seconds behind him in second place was Juel Kristian from Budget Forklift Australia, while in the 3rd place was Wei-Cheng Lee from Action Cycling Team.

With the result, that not only did Coenen win the stage but, moreover, managed to win the yellow jersey as leader of the competition. Coenen also managed to get the polka-dot jersey after conquering 2 out of the 4 ascending tracks in the King of Mountain (KOM) classification.

In the Indonesian category, winner of this stage went to Aiman Cahyadi with a total time of 5 hours 59.22 minutes. The national cyclist managed to overthrow and claim the Red and White Jersey from his team mate, Bambang Suryadi who finished with a total time of 11 hours and 30.50 minutes.

The Anai Valley and Batang Anai River area have always captivated visitors since the Dutch Colonial era. Dutch Governor General Van Den Bosch even instructed the road and railway to be built in line with the flow of the Anai River. Perched in the mountain highlands, around 461 meters above sea level, Lake Maninjau is a splendid sight. At 100 m2, this lake is an impressive natural wonder and a place to enjoy when you’re after a peaceful and relaxing destination to unwind and absorb a quiet pace of lifeIstana Basa Pagaruyung or the Pagaruyung palace is the grandest and most distinctive of the rumah gadang (the traditional house and icon of West Sumatra). Pagaruyung is the name of the Minangkabau kingdom that ruled the central region of Sumatra, and was the seat of a large kingdom where the Minangkabau culture flourished. 

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