Jakarta’s 486th anniversary Celebrations: one month Events and a Spectacular musical

Tuesday, 16 July 2013 | 1725

This year the city of Jakarta plans to celebrate its 486th anniversary in grand style with no less than 17 large events to be held during one whole month from 2 June – 3 July. The Events include the Jakarta Great Sale (1 June – 14 July) , Jakarta Night Festival, Jakarta Fair, Jakarta 10K, Jakarnaval, Golf Championship and a street party along Jakarta’s main Thamrin-Sudirman avenues, the spectacular Siti Ariah musical and Art Happenings.


The pinnacle of this range of events will take place on 22 June, the day of Jakarta’s anniversary, at the National Monument park. The apex of which will be a musical presentation on the life of Siti Ariah, an indigenous Betawi girl who refused to become a concubine to a rich merchant, with tragic consequences, said Arie Budiman, Head of the Jakarta Tourism and Culture Office.


For Jakarta’s spectacular musical, Jakarta Governor Joko Widodo –  more familiarly called Jokowi -  has specifically appointed Atilah Soeryadjaya, producer and  creator of  the splendid Matah Ati musical on the history of the Mangkunegaran court in Solo.  Although given a relatively short time to prepare, Atilah confirmed that the musical will involve 200 dancers and 20 lead players. As artistic Director she will be collaborating with Jay Subyakto, and with Wiwek Sipala and Eko Supendi as choreographers. Musical Director will be Erwin Gutawa.


Furthermore, to beautify the city of Jakarta for its anniversary, Governor Jokowi has incorporated the support of a number of companies and organizations to clean up the city’s eyesore of graffiti splashed over Jakarta’s 1,161 flyovers and underpasses


(Source: Bisnis Indonesia)

Photo courtesy : http://nickbaines.wordpress.com