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Toba Lake Party

Posted on 11 Oct 2009 at 12:21 | Views: 1326

Toba Lake Party

JAKARTA, indonesia.travel--North Sumatra holds the annual Toba Lake Party (Pesta Danau Toba) in Parapat, Toba Lake, from 7 to 11 October 2009.

"Toba Lake is the North Sumatra's tourism icon," commented Gatot Pujonugroho, North Sumatran Vice Governor during the press conference in Jakarta.

In 2008, 152 thousands foreign visitors flocked to North Sumatra. This year, the North Sumatra Tourism Office predicts about 200 thousand visitors will come from Malaysia, Singapore, Australia, Japanese and European countries like Germany and Holland. This event is the North Sumatra's way of saying, "It's safe to come."

And maybe: "Let's party!"

Because the 2009 Toba Lake Party has it all: cultural and art performances, Toba Lake stage performances, culinary festival, Miss Toba Lake 2009, cultural exhibition, and marching band competition.

Consider yourself invited.

Source: Ant

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