Indonesia exceeds 8 million international tourists target in 2012, a growth of 5.16%

Tuesday, 12 February 2013 | 2181

The number of International visitors to Indonesia during 2012 has exceeded expectations, reaching 8,044,462 arrivals, an increase of 5.16%, surpassing the government target of 8 million last year. Visitors also spent a record total amount of US$ 9.1 billion in the country, increasing 5.8% compared to spent last year, said Head of Indonesia’s National Statustics Bureau, Suryamin in Jakarta on Friday, 2 February 2013.


Increases were registered at almost all entry points but most especially in Bandung (which surged with 27.28%), Yogyakarta (up 22.35%) and Balikpapan in East Kalimantan which registered an increase of 7.82 %.


Highest arrivals were made in Bali, Jakarta and Batam. According to detailed statistics issued by the Ministry of Tourism and Creative Economy, total foreign arrivals to Bali came to 2.90 million (up 3.44%), with 2.05 million to Jakarta  (up 5.78%) and 1.22 million to Batam (up 5.30%).


Indonesia’s six top  markets are Singapore (1.27 million), Malaysia (1.13 million), Australia (909, 176 visitors), China (618,223), Japan (445,066 visitors), and South Korea (303,856 visitors), followed by the USA, Great Britain, France, the Netherlands and Germany. Tourists from China surged with a hefty 25.4%.


Average spending per visitor has also improved to US$ 1,133.80 per visit in 2012, which is higher than in 2011 when tourists spent an average US$ 1,118.20 per visit. Average daily spent per person also increased to US$ 147.20 from US$ 142.60  Average length of stay, however, shortened fom 7.8 days to 7.7 days.


In the current 2013 year, Indonesia targets a total 9 million tourist arrivals, aiming to reach 1 million visitors from China.


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