Netizens Praise and Welcome the New Look

Friday, 21 December 2012 | 1902

At the official launch of the new look on Thursday, 20.12.2012,  netizens and communities  expressed their praise of the new look of Indonesia’s Official Tourism Website. reported that information in has become more complete, its appearance neater and more attractive, altogether more comprehensive in promoting the many and diverse destinations of Indonesia. It has a modern feel,  dominated by brigher colors, while the lay-out of its pages are like in a magazine, greatly faciliting the search for information on Indonesia’s tourism.

Director General for Tourism Development, Firmansyah Rahim, who officiatedat  the launch told the press that a recent survey has shown that today social media and internet exert wider influence on tourism decisions compared to newspapers, magazines or even television. For this reason, an attractive and effective website, covering Indonesia’s large and varied tourist destinations will attract and facilitate more visitors to travel and enjoy Indonesia.

While Ratna Suranti, Deputy Director for Electronic and Digital Communications Media of the Directorate General for Tourism Marketing, explained that  today contains a wealth of articles on destinations, activities, events and news on Indonesian tourism. Travellers can also  directly access  hotels, travel agents and restaurants to souvenir shops in  the intended destination, so that they can book rooms or package tours directly to local and even remote locations.

According to web statistics, last year in 2011,  was seriously browsed by 4,700 persons per day, while in 2012 this number increased significantly  to 6,000 each day, where each visitor read between 3-4 pages for around 4 minutes, said Ratna Suranti.

At the present moment, the web is  covered mainly in two languages, namely bahasa Indonesia aimed at the Indonesian market, and  English for the international market, both are market oriented.  Next year in 2013 the Ministry aims to start a third main language, namely Mandarin, to cater to the large Chinese market in China and South East Asia. We also plan to add virtual 360 degrees photographs to complete the information of the destinations, said Ratna.

On their part, communities like traveltroopers, kaskus,keluarumah, liburanlokal, and forum komunikasi in their testimonials found now very helpful and reliable in the information provided, and it will also help foreign travellers to find their way in the destinations.

Most, however, reminded the Ministry that as travellers today donot carry their laptop, but the new smaller and easier mobile gadgets, they request that the information can also be easily accessed on smartphones.  They also said asked for more detailed information on transportation, and more photographs.In this context, communities will be very happy to contribute both photos, information and articles to the website.  

Many communities said : “we are proud of this website on Indonesia”, it is attractive, more interactive, and inspires travel communities to join, write and travel  for the world to see more of Wonderful Indonesia.

The event was closed with a communal session learning to play the 'angklung" bamboo musical instrument brought by the Saung Angklung Udjo of West  Java, promoting participation, togetherness and unity among the audience.

The Angklung is recognized UNESCO World Heritage.

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